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Dust Covers Explained

Just a brief explanation of dust covers (or scroll protectors) and how I became the dust cover diva that I am today.

Like many of you, well hopefully all of you, I do not live in a controlled environment. It seems to me that I have always had a pet—mostly ones that are covered in fur. Currently, I have 2 dogs. In addition to these “fur babies”, my husband and I are parents to an above average number of children--five at last count. And, as some people would say, and I tend to agree, they are producing my reward for not killing them in their teens—grandbabies! Soon the second generation will outnumber the first as grandbaby Number 6 makes her debut on the day that would have been my father’s 96th birthday. Number 6 will have a special guardian angel with a little bit of devil thrown in. I can picture my dad smiling. I hope that her parents are prepared! Having enumerated the family tree, from the dogs to the new “blooms”, you can see that pristine wasn’t an adjective to describe the house.

Nowadays, I need to protect my work from the flying dog hair. In the past, I needed a barrier to shield the project for when the kids were small and liked to “help”. It was especially important if they wanted to bring my “treasured” item to me, as those hands were not always the cleanest. You know what I am talking about! Even just handing the project to me would have left marks. And now a new generation of helpers!

With the discovery of dust covers (or scroll protectors), I add a layer if defense between my handiwork and the forces of nature that like to land on it. These little cross stitch miracles collect the dust, oils, lotions, and “floatie things” that can mar the finished product. While I cannot guarantee that you will never have a stain, I have seen a difference in my work. In addition, the dust covers can secure your directions and the thread in the wrapped project, which is so convenient. With all that being said, I “saw the need and heard the call’. BloomingDaisiesCrafts was born from my desire to have not just utilitarian dust covers, but colorful and pretty ones and to offer them to other people like me that enjoy cross stitching and pretty things.

When trying to figure out what size you want to order, we will start with the width of the dust cover which is the measurement of your scroll rod between the bars. In the picture, the width is 20.5 inches.

To decipher the length, measure around the scroll rod as pictured, which shows 22.5 inches . This order would be for a 20.5x22.5” dust cover.

BloomingDaisiesCrafts dust covers are sewn with heavier, decorator grade fabric on the outside with a prewashed 100% cotton lining. Prewashing the lining ensures that color doesn’t bleed onto your project. The manufacturer laundry recommendation for the higher grade fabric is for it to be dry-cleaned. I recommend it as well to prevent shrinking and/or wrinkling. It will also lengthen the life of the cover.

Matching grime guards are available because we all love matching things! However, you don’t have to use matching grime guards--as you can see, I have alien minions with the Dr. Who Tardis for an outer space theme. Check out the selection on BloomingDaisiesCrafts; there is a wide variety of fabrics to choose from. Whether it matches, contrasts, or is just your favorite color, when the dust cover is wrapped around your scroll rod, you can’t see anything except the grime guard elastic. However, opening up the cover can be compared to unwrapping a pretty package every time!

I hope this helps you. If you have any questions, as always, contact me. I usually get back to you within a day.

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