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Emotional Stitching

There has been a lot of time and money dedicated to the study of “emotional eating.” And I do not put quotation marks around that phrase because I do not think it is real. I do believe it is real. I also believe in “emotional stitching.”

Emotional stitching is similar to emotional eating. Years ago, my first husband fell ill and required daily radiation. Like most radiation patients, he was not able to drive himself to and from the facility—not that I would have allowed that. Knowing that I would be sitting in a waiting room five days a week for 6 weeks, I picked up a simple cross stitch kit from some store. I could not tell you what store it was. I knew that I would need something to keep my hands busy and fill the time. Also, to keep my mind from going to bad places and fill the void of normalcy that was missing. Think of eating anything to fill you up. That little kit worked its magic for the time that I needed it to. It filled me up. I think that was what kept me sane. When my husband passed away, I did not keep that stitching. It had served its purpose. It was time for it to go away and me to move forward.

Fast forward a few years, when my mother was diagnosed with cancer and, as a widow living alone, needed some assistance as she moved towards her end of life. I packed my bag, including my cross-stitch kit, and flew from Rochester, NY, to Phoenix. Working on this project was much different. In this instance, she watched the Weather Channel and I work on the penguins, or “dirt.”

See, Mom asked me one time, early on, “What are you working on?” and I showed her the very beginnings of the cross-stitch when there was little to no real image on the cloth. She said, “It looks like dirt to me.” Mom liked that. From then on, she would ask me, “Are you going to work on the dirt?” or say, “Oh, you are working on the dirt today!” and I would share my progress with her. My mom had taught my sister and I other needlecrafts: sewing, embroidery, and needlepoint, so she appreciated artistic handiwork. I kept that project, had it framed, and have it displayed prominently in my home. I like the penguins and treasure the memory.

I know that if I am ever in a situation similar to either of those again, I will be looking for something to just do. Not a complicated pattern—think “simple carbs.” Just some stitching for me to work on, and to occupy my time with anything other than what I am worried about. It could possibly be something to look at but not actually see. Through Blooming Daisies Crafts, I have made friends I believe who do a lot of stitching to occupy their minds and momentarily escape health issues—their own or their loved ones. I admire their tenacity in finishing projects and moving on. Some of them are working on multiple projects at a time.

On the flipside, then becomes now. Before me is a banquet and I have a sense of peace and self-control—no emotional stitching. Now, I am sewing projects that I want to stitch and loving it. There are people out in this world that do not have hobbies and I have a hard time understanding them. I am constantly doing something: sewing for Blooming Daisies Crafts, cross-stitch because I enjoy it, and, right now, I am knitting a cap. I hope to always be busy sewing for Blooming Daisies Crafts, to keep looking forward to the next cross-stitch WIP, and move on to a sweater that I want to knit. (Unlike the first two activities, I try to finish each knitting project before starting another one.)

You may have seen the Thanksgiving Turkeys WIP on Wednesday. It is moving right along and could possibly be finished, framed, and ready to gift at Thanksgiving! Sometimes, the cross-stitching gets a little monotonous but that is the beauty of having multiple projects started: too much brown? Switching to the Christmas Wreath to take a breather. Or maybe another project! I have 3 others to choose from!

Now for new product this week - I got the beautiful fall flowered grime guards, Q-Snap Project Bags and the WIP Bags done!!! Talk about check off my list!!! Look Sunday, August 14th for our Facebook post that you can vote on the next fabric to be made into product!

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