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Fall or Autumn - our favorite time of the year!

In my book, the beginning of school means the beginning of fall. Growing up in Phoenix, this was especially true and set the rule in stone in my mind. Living in Rochester, NY, for many years did not change my view. Although, in the northeast, fall weather and the changing of the leaves started soon after the kids were back in class. In Florida we really only experience two seasons, beautiful and hurricane. And they can overlap. However, I love fall because of the muted hues of autumn (in the decorations sold in stores); the holidays of fall—Halloween, with the fabulous candy sales and Thanksgiving, that promise family gatherings; and the knowledge that Florida is moving closer to lower humidity readings! What’s not to love?!

Again, early autumn is when hurricane season is reaching a crescendo. It is futile to request that there be no more hurricanes when multiple storms are sitting in the Atlantic Ocean, but a person cannot but hope! Fortunately for me, my husband, and others living close by, Idalia went to the curve of Florida. However, the outer bands that carry so much moisture seemed to nest above us. It rained a lot and we had multiple warnings regarding storm surge. We consider ourselves lucky that tide never rose above our seawall this time! The water covered our Captain’s Walk and I enjoyed watching crabs and fish swim on top of our walkway. At one point, we had a family of 5 crabs take refuge between the walkway and dock!

Cross-stitch wise, I have been working to finish the Happy Thanksgiving WIP that I plan to give to our daughter that will be hosting this year’s family gathering. I am nearly halfway done with the second turkey! Exciting! As I shared in the last blog, I plan to make it into a pillow. I feel a holiday pillow is the perfect gift as can be positioned in many places and does not take up wall space. Once the cross-stitch is complete, I have to figure out the perfect fabric for the sashing to complement the pattern and make it look festive. You know I will probably need to go shopping for that fabric. And, for those of you that are paying attention, this will be the second WIP for 2023! Celebration! Just one more thing to cross off my 2023 Goals List!

Blooming Daisies Crafts News!

For the upcoming fall and holiday seasons, contact Blooming Daisies Crafts to put together sets to accessorize your WIP. Blooming Daisies Crafts has a wide selection of fabrics; one or six are bound to match your personality. Let’s work together to assemble product samples to show you the possibilities. An example of complementing Q-Snap Bags, Grime Guards and Needle Minders in the Halloween motif are pictured. Blooming Daisies Crafts has standard sizes in the Q-Snap Bags and Grime Guards but is more than happy to make custom sizes for its customers. And, for you early holiday shoppers, the sets make great gifts for beginning or advanced cross stitchers.

The first set includes the Blooming Daisies Crafts Candy Corn Q-Snap Bag with matching Grime Guard. Pictured is the 11x11 set - with 3 matching Needle Minders: Halloween Candy Corn, Halloween Purple (Candy Corn) w/ Spider and the Cute Ghost Halloween that is holding candy corn. So cute! This set, as pictured with the 11x11 Q-Snap Bag, 11x11 Q-Snap Grime Guard and one of these Needle Minders, finishes out at just $35.50 for the set! To Breakdown the pricing: $22.50 for the Q-Snap Bag, $9.50 for the 11x11 Q-Snap Grime Guard and $3.50 for any one of the pictured Needle Minders (others are available-many at the same low price). At only $35.50, this is an excellent decent gift idea!

Blooming Daisies Crafts second featured set is the Glow in the Dark Jack-o-Lantern 10x13 WIP Bag, the 8x8 matching Q-Snap Grime Guard and a selection of four Needle Minders; Witch in Cauldron, Cute Bat, Jack-O-Lantern, Villianesses* (choose any one)! The pricing on this set varies with the selection of the Needle Minder: $36.50 includes $25.00 for the WIP Bag, $8.00 for the 8x8 Q-Snap Grime Guard and $3.50 for each of the resin Needle Minders. (The enamel Villianesses Needle Minder is $8.00 making the set $41.00.) Again, another wonderful gift idea!

Blooming Daisies Crafts has a wide selection of fabric prints and Needle Minders that can be coordinated to match your (or someone you know) personality. Contact Blooming Daisies Crafts today by pressing the “Let’s Chat” button located at the lower right corner on the website. This “operator is standing by” to work with you to take your cross-stitching experience to the next level—the personalized and fun one! At Blooming Daisies Crafts, we help bring your ideas to life!

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