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Finishing Christmas Projects

Christmas is just a little over 5 weeks away! How are your Christmas projects progressing? Do you feel like an elf that is moving along at a steady pace? Or, maybe you have fallen behind and you are closer to a sweatshop worker. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I am somewhere in between. When my sister was here “babysitting” me, we were able to research the grandkids’ ornament for 2022, purchase the supplies, and produce the ornament within in a matter of days. Getting the grandchildren’s ornaments done makes me a little ahead. But also on the list is buying and shipping the Christmas presents. Now, I feel a little behind.

Fortunately, the “circumstance” or handicap is improving every day. I am now in a walking boot. This has given me more mobility however I have to take lots of breaks. “Slowly” is my new mantra. Things will get done, just more slowly. I tried to do more cross stitching while I was laid up (and moving even more slowly). I really did but it just did not happen. Now that I am moving a little more quickly, albeit slowly, I have started working more diligently on my stitching last week. As you can see from the “then and now” pictures that I have made pretty good progress on my Dimensions Christmas Beach Chairs (70-08948).

You might also notice that I originally had the project on an 11x11 Q-Snap. Once I got started and had to move the frame a couple of times and realized that the cloth was inconveniently hanging over the edge of the much too small frame, I decided to change it to a more suitable scroll rod frame…an 18” scroll rod. Of course, I had to make Grime Guards for the 18”--so voila! The Christmas Beach Chairs has a new festive 18” Grime Guard just in time for Christmas - Candy Canes! While these scroll rod Grime Guards are not yet listed on Blooming Daisies Crafts (remember, slowly…), they are available for purchase. Contact me through the “Let’s Chat!” button to get the correct size mailed out to you.

As a cross stitcher, I am glad that I did not have any projects I was planning on gifting this year. I would have been stressed on top of stressed. So yeah, there is one bit of relief! (In an aside thought, my sister’s Christmas project from 2021 was put away in a “safe” place that is so safe, she has no idea where they are.) Anyway, now that I am in a walking cast, I have more mobility but find that I like to really push myself. Then I end up in the recliner with ice on my ankle. I know that I am not the only one that pushes like this! Just two more weeks then I will move onto physical therapy (PT) for 8 weeks. The best news, I can drive once I am in PT. Not being independently mobile has been the hardest part as I am not able to go get things when I want to get things. Since this is the last blog before Thanksgiving, those associated with Blooming Daisies Crafts hope that everybody has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Here in Florida, ours will be a quiet but enjoyable one. We are hoping that you are doing well on your projects and would love to see your work in progress or completed work—not just at the holidays, but year around. This weeks featured product: Christmas!!!! Back to our roots: Christmas Cactus Succulent Project Bags Christmas Cactus Succulent Grime Guards Christmas Cacti-Succulent WIP Bags Nursing Caps: Dancing Penguins Christmas Glittery Dog Christmas Snowflake Needle Minders: Mickey Snowman Glittery White Christmas Cat Christmas HP Filthy Muggle

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