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Friday Fun Day

I won't be working today - taking the day off to visit with our friends. Tomorrow we'll be driving them to the other side of the Florida. We'll see if we take an Air Boat cruise to see alligators!

Last weekend was a great weekend! We are located in Cape Coral, Florida and we have the some of the largest population of burrowing owls in the US. They are so cute and everywhere around here! It's nesting season and this nesting pair is one that is here year round. They are always watching everybody drive by and we swear if they aren't out, we'll go searching for them! Saturday, we took a drive up to Venice Beach because we heard it was beautiful and we weren't disappointed at all. We saw a draw bridge go up on the way too. And Sunday, we celebrated Earth Day by kayaking in the Matlacha area and picking up trash and filament (fishing line). We think that since it was close to Earth Day a lot of the trash was already picked up. We found some but not a lot. We weren't real disappointed because that means the waterway was clean. We had a beautiful day on the water and saw a couple of dolphins and stingrays.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! What are your plans?!

Weekend Fun - Venice Beach - Owls & Kayaking

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