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Grime Guards, Dust Covers and New Q-Snap Travel Bags

Being a “one man band” can be difficult some days. When BloomingDaisiesCrafts began, my daughter shared the “burden” as the co-owner, one-half of the creative team, and THE web “guru”. But since she made a career change to home school mom, I have taken up the full reins of BloomingDaisiesCrafts and I can honestly say, I sometimes find it difficult to find the correct balance between introducing new merchandise, keeping established product choices fresh, and keeping up with customer order production. However, as BloomingDaisiesCrafts strives to offer the highest quality merchandise and I enjoy keeping my creative juices flowing, new product is inevitable. I want to thank all of my cross stitch “groupies” for staying loyal as Nurse Surgical Caps were introduced. I can say today that your wait is over!

The new offerings of cross stitch support product in new and fresh fabrics is about to launch as I turn back to Grime Guards, Dust Covers and the new Q-Snap Travel Bags. The prints are fun and, in one instance, a “one off” of a BloomingDaisiesCrafts customer favorite. Be on the lookout for some awesome new Grime Guard fabrics and their matching bags! (Don’t forget to peruse the Needle Minders for something fun to match your newest favorite!)

  • You don’t have to be a dog lover to enjoy the buffalo check with puppy paw prints running amok on the red and black squares!

  • Music enthusiasts may enjoy the musical note fabric. While I cannot tell you if the notes make up an actual song, I would imagine that they are random notes because of copyright infringements.

  • I also have Blue Ink Spill fabric that is just a color variation of the customer favorite: Purple Ink Spill. The hues are rich and luxurious. It will be a match for many of the Dust Covers.

Two new fabrics that may have escaped your notice in Grime guards include a Balloon Animal print and the Gorgeous Blue W/ Flowers pattern. I hope that you will scroll through all of the choices that BloomingDaisiescrafts offers. Have you seen the Trailer Camping--aren’t we all ready to hit the road? Or Little Piggy Print? Adorable! As I work to keep BloomingDaisiesCrafts fresh, I hope you will take the opportunity to brighten your needlecraft with new Grime Guards, Needle Minders, and/or Dust Covers.

Just this past month, I made some new Dust Covers for one of my favorite regular customers and have yet to post them on the website—again, walking that fine line! The covers are so cute! BloomingDaisies can do the same for you! You can order a custom size for your favorite scroll rod and use it for numerous projects. Please contact me so you and I can collaborate on the perfect, unique product that is handmade for you or loved one! (On a side note: please do NOT machine wash your Dust Cover. As they are made with high quality, decorator fabric that is meant to be dry cleaned.)

I am still toiling with the Tardis project. What is the old saying? Put a roomful of monkeys on typewriters and at some point they will produce some work of Shakespeare…I feel like the one typing a single letter. Over and over. A little monotonous to say the least. I am making progress—so maybe more than one key. However, another project has caught my eye and I may need to intersperse my Tardis work with a couple of turkeys! I want to thank all of you that are at this moment showing me a measure of grace!

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