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Happy St. Patrick's Day (a day late but still St. Paddy's Weekend!)

We are all a wee bit Irish today! Are you having corned beef and cabbage for supper or drinking a green beer? A few years ago, my sister and her husband happened to be in Ireland before St. Patrick’s Day. They actually flew out of Dublin that very day. Many people questioned their decision. They explained that when walking through Dublin, there were more Americans than Irish. Obviously, spending St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland is close to the top of many peoples’ bucket list!

Most of you will know that I enjoy giving handmade gifts to all my grandkids. For example, each year I make unique Christmas ornaments to commemorate the year as well as personalize the decoration to each child. Well, this year my husband and I are going to visit our three youngest grandkids (and their parents) for Easter and I wanted to take something small, but handmade, to give the “littles”…

Sometime before Valentine’s Day, my niece had sent a picture to my sister, who then found the instructions for these cute, little, fabric bunny bags. (Seriously, they deserve the multiple descriptors.) And she, in turn, forwarded that onto me. Hmmm. Blooming Daisies Crafts has a good selection of fabric - let me look. I found that I didn’t have much Easter fabric and Blooming Daisies Crafts only had one Easter Grime Guard listed. I ask myself, “How is this possible?!” So, off to the fabric store I go with my shopping list in hand. There were so many cute prints to choose from but I was able to practice some self-restraint and purchase only five Easter fabrics and a nice selection of 1/2” buttons for noses. This fun little project began as, “I’ll just make 3!” but then I started making a list of who I could give these to. That number is now a 10.

Any of you that have ever sewn or known any one that did/does, knows it is nearly impossible to walk into a fabric store buy just a little yardage. I did not disappoint—five new prints. Now, what to do with the extra yards of material? Ta Da - more Easter Grime Guards! That is right! Blooming Daisies Crafts now has five new Easter patterned Grime Guards up on the website!

But the fabric is very limited, so availability is “first come, first serve” and when it is gone, it is gone. Going forward, I will be shopping Easter fabric for next year to have more stock on hand. Browse the Easter offerings or perhaps look at the many Blooming Daisies Crafts products featuring flowers for those of you that have Spring Fever or may have been blessed with a green thumb (or not). And the Needle Minders! So many cute ones are available to add bling and cuteness to your WIP.

Speaking of Spring Fever, meteorological spring arrived on the first day of March. Yes, meteorological seasons are different than astrological seasons. I cannot tell you which is closer to the temperature measurement as Florida has just two seasons: summer and hurricane. It is always summer here to me. My husband and I wanted to live in a warmer climate, so we moved south, and we have not been disappointed. Florida does experience the occasional cool fronts that take the temperature lower than the 80’s and we are supposed to get that this week. May be that is the start of our spring. What is the true measure of seasons changing in your area? Maybe spring arrives when the flowering bulbs start to emerge from the ground. Is your garden waking up now?

This past year, we have done a whole bunch of outside home improvements and are now enjoying the fruits of our labor! This past week, I finished the impromptu walkway (made with the leftover bricks from our lanai remodel) between the walkout garage door and the backyard gate. I think the curve adds a bit of elegance to what could have been a very linear pattern. I certainly enjoyed trying my hand and learning a new life skill. I know that walking on the pavers will be much easier on the soles of my feet (even with sandals) and more level for my ankle.

I have also been hard at work with my Dimensions (70-08948) Christmas Beach Chairs kit. Blog readers are seeing it first as I had decided to put of pictures of the Blooming Daisies Crafts new Easter product on WIP Wednesday on social media. Hopefully you can see the progress that was made. Every highlighted square is one step closer to completion. I should have plenty of time to finish stitching and get it framed in time for Christmas this year. I am excited at that! I think that the daughter that originally gave me the kit will be, too!

Blooming Daisies Crafts has been busy making some special orders for our customers. Right now, the sewing queue includes a Mario & Luigi Dust Cover. The Dust Cover will complement the Q-Snap Bag and Grime Guards the customer previously purchased from Blooming Daisies Crafts. Part of this custom order includes sizing the Dust Cover to 27.5” to fit her Omanik scroll rods. Omanik scroll rods are very sturdy and all the accessories must be custom made to fit. Even the Grime Guards must be made wider than the standard size. Pretty big rods!

Remember that Blooming Daisies Crafts enjoys working with its customers on special orders. Browse the fabrics and hit the “Let’s Chat” button to start a conversation!

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