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Investing in the Future

Cross stitching is investing in the future because we are choosing to do something that we dedicate our most precious commodity--time. Once we complete our project, we have it framed and either gift it to somebody we hope will appreciate the time and effort we put into it or we keep it.

Somewhere between 15 and 20 years ago, I cross stitched a set of three pictures, Bucilla Counted Cross Stitch - Morning Dew (42445), a larger kit featuring hummingbirds, and its complementing Morning Dew Pair (42665) which basically had 2 kits in one. I stitched the larger kit first, had it framed, and hung it in the living room, and then started on the other 2 pictures. I gave a five year spread in the timeline because, truthfully, I cannot tell you how long they took me to finish but I am very proud of them. This trio of pictures has hung in the living room of each of the homes my husband and I have lived in since they were completed. Even though I am not a sentimental person, I am happy to say that one of our daughters wants the set when we no longer want to display them in our home. Their future is secure!

I have tried my hand at embroidery, crochet, knitting, woodworking, cross stitching, and recently laying a walkway with pavers (more on this later)—all with various degrees of success. I also have sewn for decades--both “dressmaker” and quilting. Obviously, I like a variety of hobbies. I cannot even tell you that I have a favorite hobby because it changes as I find something I want to create. Is there a catchphrase “Hobbies are my hobby”? Those of you reading this Blooming Daisies Craft Blog know that right now, my “preferred pastime” is sewing with my machines. And then I make a valiant effort to work on my cross stitch WIP a little each day.

I am hoping to finish the third page of my Dimensions Christmas Beach Chairs (70-08948) WIP by the end of February. I am excited for that. When the beach chairs kit is finished, it will be half of my 2023 goal for finishing 2 cross stitch projects. Then the question is which project should I do next?

I have my gorgeous Christmas Wreath Holiday Harmony cross stitch project that I am excited to get back to. I found the kit on Amazon and absolutely love the colors.

However, I began a project when my husband and I moved down to Florida six years ago. It is a flag draped eagle on black 18 count Aida. It is for our second son that choose a military career in the Army and is already coming close to retirement. He and his wife have a patriotic wall with all of his awards, etc. I know they would love to have the eagle cross stitch to display on that wall sometime in the “near” future. The task is daunting because it has so many instructional pages and is somewhat complicated to this cross stitcher!

Stayed tuned to see which one wins!

Cross stitching is more than just a relaxing past time for people. In my own experience, it also taught me to follow patterns and instructions, as well as improve my concentration-- especially counted cross stitch. I am building life skills, one WIP at a time. Truly, I believe that following patterns (or figuring them out) helps us in life. My husband and I are in the middle of redoing our whole back yard. The pool has been fixed, the tile on the lanai has been replaced with pavers, and the lanai screen cage has been updated. Soon the rickety wooden deck will be history! Anyway, after the bricks were laid on the lanai, we were left with a half pallet of pavers. This got my creative juices flowing! Now, I am using the leftover bricks to put a walkway down the side of our yard. I am treating it like just another project, using my eye for patterns and learning a new life skill. I have worked on it a little each day for approximately a week at this publication. I love building skills and intermingling old and new hobbies! And, just like my hummingbird cross stitch pictures, I will enjoy seeing my walkway in the future.

New Products introduced lately:

Patriotic Gnomes w/Red White Dot Lining - including a small 6x9 Accessories Bag

Red w/White Dots Grime Guards - to complement the Patriotic Gnomes

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