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Is it really December?!

I sent this text out to my sister and my best friend today:

I’m working myself into a tizzy. I think I like doing that too because I do it every year. But this week we have hockey, Wednesday, Thursday (makeup game) and Saturday. And the neighborhood party is Friday. Plus Tim’s brother has to work in Tampa on Friday so he’s flying into Tampa on Friday - working and coming to our house when he’s done - flying out on Saturday…LOL - now it’s like I have to decorate and finish stocking stuffers. And make up what the freaking dogs ate.

The dogs…Every year I visit Pinterest to find the latest and greatest ideas for fun, little stocking stuffers to mail out to the grandkids. Last weekend, I naively left my completed projects on the dining room table, believing that the “girls” would leave them alone. Nope. We walked in the door on Sunday to find candy aisle mayhem in the dining room and guilty faces on the dogs. It was as though Bella and Rosy did a candy taste test and left the samples on the floor. The majority of the goodies were eaten (those obviously scored high) or had bite marks to show the sampling (lower in the ratings). It is through the grace of God and the installation of doggie doors that I can say they have not had any accidents in the house. And, as they are large breed dogs, the chocolate has not seemed to affect them, thank you very much. However, I now close the doors to my office and the guest room door when I am not in them. No more surprises.

As we have entered the final stretch into Christmas, do you have your gift WIP’s done? For those of you that do, do you frame your gift or have it professionally framed for gifting? Usually when I am gifting a stitching project, I make sure it is ready to be hung by the recipient. Personally, I feel that doing otherwise would be the equivalent of giving a quilt top to somebody and telling him/her that they can get it quilted somewhere. The professional finishing is definitely the most expensive part of the project monetarily wise, as far as I am concerned, but the time and the sentimental value make most gifts priceless.

As you know, my only gift project this year is the Tardis and it is wrapped and patiently waiting in the guest room for the recipient to get here for Christmas! Woo who! You can all understand what a huge weight this is off of my shoulders. Anyway, our son is a long-time Dr. Who fan. Just knowing that he will appreciate the time, effort, and naughty words that I put into this gift makes the labor (and two false starts) worth it.

Not all projects need to be framed. My sister cross stitches plastic canvas ornaments that are trimmed up and have a coiled wire attached for hanging on the tree (or in my office, year round). A friend sent me a precious cross stitch that she finished with hand stitching. It may be a Christmas ornament, but it will be displayed in my office as well. My niece has been cross stitching and has found that she likes the wood look hoops. The hoops complement the simplicity of her projects. These are just a few examples of the creative ways cross stitch enthusiasts complete gifts.

This week for BloomingDaisiesCrafts, let’s talk about sets that go together for gift ideas—for you or someone you love.

The website features not only the perennial Christmas favorites (Xmas Vintage Truck in Grime Guards with the complementary Needle Minder-B22-22, or Xmas Mittens with the Happy Snowman Winter Needle Minder) but also the prints that stir up childhood memories (Xmas Rudolph, Xmas Frosty and matching Needle Minders). For those of you that enjoy “Nightmare Before Christmas,” you will be pleased to see Jack, Sally, and Zero featured on many Needle Minders, Grime Guards and WIP bags. BloomingDaisiesCrafts has non-seasonal groupings available as well. For Harry Potter fans, check out the Houses of Harry Potter including the Ravenclaw and Gryffindor Grime Guards, Q-Snap Bags and then a Needle Minder or two to finish up the set. Take your time to browse through the selection of Beauty and the Beast (and other princesses), a few villianesses, Dr. Who’s Tardis, and an assortment for animal lovers-dogs, cats, and pigs. But wait, there’s actually more to choose from! Our sets cover such a wide spectrum of interest! Any of the above not linked - just type what you are looking for by the magnifying glass on the top right hand corner of our website!

One last gift idea! Do not forget to shop BloomingDaisiesCrafts selection of Surgical Caps for your favorite healthcare provider—for two legged and four legged patients. Not only will you brighten recipient’s day but those people that they come in contact!

And again, if you've bought merchandise that you love from - please think about giving us a Google review. :)

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