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It is BloomingDaisiesCrafts first “official” blog of 2021!

BloomingDaisiesCrafts is going into 2021 with some changes and updates to the website. Working with a fresh set of eyes, my sister’s, BloomingDaisiesCrafts will begin with “titles” that are more uniform and user friendly. The changes have already begun with Dust Covers. Please, click on the tab to see the new and improved look, as well as the New Arrival—“Live, Laugh, Love”. BloomingDaisiesCrafts offers Dust Covers that are pretty unique and have many positive reviews.

You might be asking, “What is the purpose of a dust cover?” After looking at the wonderful new changes, you may notice from the pictures, that Dust Covers envelop your work in progress (WIP)—not just the cloth on the scroll, but your thread and instructions as well. This makes working on your project so easy with everything at your fingertips. While Dust Covers aren’t water proof, they are designed to protect your WIP from the elements inside your home…think dust, dirt, and/or prying eyes. Dust Covers help to keep your current project reasonably safe. BloomingDaisiesCrafts Dust Covers are made with a high quality, heavy fabric shell and a soft 100% cotton lining. The heavier material makes the Dust Cover sturdier but also requires dry cleaning for the best care results.

When ordering a Dust Cover/Project Protector, start by measuring the width of your project rod between the bars. For instance, if you are working on a standard 16” scroll rod, that would be your first measurement. Most scroll paired rods have the same measurement. The second measurement would be the length of the bar between the rods.

However, like many times, there is an exception to the rule. If you have an Omanik cross stitch frame, please let me know. Omanik rods require a longer Dust Cover/Project Protectors for the proper fit. If you just order the standard size, the Dust Cover will be short. Also, if you have an Omanik scroll rod, BloomingDaisiesCrafts will custom make your Grime Guards for a better fit.

Dust Covers/Project Protectors can be used over and over again. While you don’t have to get a new cover for each product, they are made to fit a certain scroll rod size. So, you might want to get one for each scroll frame you have. And have some fun with them! Right now, I have a Christmas Dust Cover on my Christmas Wreath WIP and a Live, Laugh, Love cover on another project that is “on hold” until my Tardis project is complete. BloomingDaisiesCrafts has a variety of fabrics to choose from to make it easy to select at least one that reflects your (or a loved one’s) personality or home décor!

Another bonus for using a Dust Cover is that my Christmas Wreath WIP has all the kit items wrapped up inside, as does all of my WIP. When I get tired of working on the Tardis, I close the cover around the Tardis and open the Christmas Dust Cover. Knowing that all of my project supplies for the Christmas Wreath, or any project, are handy makes my cross stitch so much more enjoyable!

Thanks for checking in BloomingDaisiesCrafts blog! If this is your first time, please know that BDC is a woman-owned, small business that works hard to ensure that your shopping and purchasing experience is satisfying, whether it is your first or fifth time!

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