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It is Finally Here!

No, I have not finished the Tardis. sigh.

I have begun work on the BloomingDaisiesCrafts office/warehouse! Even though it has only been 11 weeks and five days (but who is counting?) since we closed on the house, I feel like I have been waiting forever for this room to get done! Its time has come! Can you tell that I am excited?

As I begin this blog, like most of them, it is the Monday prior to publication. My husband will be out of town this week and my BFF is visiting FL later this week and may be able to swing through my area! Yesterday (or Sunday in this time jumbled blog), my husband and I assembled the cutting table @SevilleClassics. The wheels to make it mobile should be delivered today (Monday). I will go to get (9) 2x4x8 boards to make shelves to go under the table. It is an idea that I had with the workbench in the garage. When we originally moved to Florida, we got a workbench for the garage and I liked it. My husband and I made some quick and easy shelves that have worked out well. Then I loved it. When I was looking for a new cutting table, I found many to choose from but could not decide. Then I found the garage workbench could be ordered shorter in length and with adjustable height. Winner!!! Anyway, some preparation work has been done and the goal is set! Time to get to work!

I have a timeline and list for this week to get this room completed.

Monday- I emptied the first wall in the office and taped it off. When I say that I emptied the wall, this is not an easy feat. I had begun to set things up for business. Chaos is not my friend. I staged furniture and supplies to make sure that they were in the most efficient space possible. It all had to be moved. I continued to pull things away from the other walls so I can paint tomorrow. Okay, maybe one wall tonight! When I see the refreshing paint colors in the rest of the house, I am so ready to apply it to my office! I am on schedule!

Tuesday –Shortly after noon, I start at it again. I am not that person who paints the entire room and then reassembles it. I am proud of how I am. Things are put back in place on my one completed wall: new pegboard for me to hang supplies on for accessibility and the Needle Minder board are mounted to the wall and it all looks FABULOUS! Real painting begins as I move onto the next wall. There was one incident when I accidently used the trim brush with white paint on the wall. Nothing like waiting for paint to dry so it can be painted over… Late afternoon, the furniture was moved back against the second wall. Now a new dilemma: where to put the shelving unit. It is a big one and I only wanted to move it once. I made a decision. The next two walls are easy one has a large window and the other is the BloomingDaisiesCrafts warehouse (or closet in layman’s terms). But this area contains my desk and the things I need for my part time job. Yes, while all of this is going on, I am still working “my real job” in the mornings. BloomingDaisiesCrafts is my dream job! But the real painting is done.

Wednesday – I pressed on! My husband should be home tomorrow night. So much to do! I began reassembling my office. I removed the old cutting table to make room for the new one. I have some final organization ideas for here but then I should be ready to be finished with it. The needle minder storage shelves are awesome but now I have to reinforce the top of the bookshelves they sit on. It has starting to bend from the weight above. I ordered a decal for my wall with my Blooming Daisies Crafts Logo! Fun!

Thursday – Well, it is a “down” day. The majority of the work is done. Sadly, my BFF has had to cancel her plans to come see us. My husband will be home today. And I have other things to work on. A few weeks ago I ordered some “exotic” African Violets and I want to propagate some small plants to take my sister when I see her next in exchange for some of hers. I am making a baby quilt for my husband’s nephew’s new baby. Our niece in law will be getting her own surgical cap because she's a veterinarian! Could be Snoopy or maybe a different one with animals or I might make her a cap to match the baby's quilt! More fun stuff! And my BloomingDaisiesCrafts logo arrived!

Friday – Today the blog will be published. I am working on product to ship out to a customer in my freshly painted workspace. It is a beautiful thing! Both, really - the office and the product.

Now that the room is painted, I’ll have decisions on where to hang everything that I still have boxed up! I cannot wait because I feel like that will be the finale for the makeover! I’ll post reveal pictures as I can for all of you to see!

On a side note: I was planning to paint the dining room next but the furniture will not be delivered until August 25. My husband stopped in on his commute to his office down the hall for a short conversation.

Hubby: That’s two weeks, right?

Me: Nope. 3 weeks.

Hubby: Hmmm. So you don't have to paint the dining room next?

I believe that he is hinting that maybe I should paint the family room and entrance before the dining room. He will not ask because he does not paint. He has other “super powers”.

Next week's blog I will try to have my office/warehouse completed. Obviously, I am still tweaking some of the organization but so far I am loving it!!!

Have a good week and let me know if I can make anything for you!

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