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It's Recipe Time!

Have you ever dined at a restaurant that a person has said, “It is the BOMB!” and it didn’t meet the expectations that were set? I have. And I then wondered if it was me or them. One positive thing about growing up with siblings is that they understand your taste. So when my brothers and sister shared their dinner plans on our text thread, I was interested in my sister’s entrée: Chicken Cordon Bleu casserole that is cooked in the Instant Pot. I immediately requested the recipe and made it the following week. It is the BOMB!

And it is the recipe I am sharing. Thank you, Adventures of a Nurse for this awesome recipe! (And thank you for being a front line worker!) My sister and I have tweaked it a little for our family tastes but it was quick, easy and delish! My changes include: diced, precooked chicken and sharp cheddar instead of Swiss cheese as I am not a fan. I also used Cheezits instead of bread crumbs because we like Cheezits. :)

My sister altered hers by cutting the amount of cheeses in half. Be sure to use quality spicy mustard.

I hope that you will give the recipe a try and let me know what you think!

It is the time of year when time begins to fly by! The calendar shows one week until Halloween, less than five weeks until Thanksgiving, just nine weeks until Christmas and, finally, 10 weeks until the last day of 2020! As much as I would like to see a complete turnaround on January 1, 2021, I don’t expect it. I just hope that the recovery from this year starts.

My husband and I have changed our “cruise” plans. We decided to use “Club Marriott” and plan a trip to see the kids. I will be our Cruise Director and the hubby, the pilot of our little land yacht! We will have multiple stops and all of the excursions that interest us. Cannot wait to see grandkids One, Two, Three, Four, and Five and to meet Number Six.

This week’s BloomingDaisiesCrafts new product includes:

  • A “llamaste”-inspired reindeer print Dust Cover. It has a beautiful, calming blue background and the reindeer “costuming” plays well with a yoga theme.

  • And, in the Grime Guards, a new Nightmare Before Christmas print! Look in the “Holiday” folder under the Needle Minders to see the NINE matching Needle Minders—especially the carousel.

Hopefully you will notice that products have been moved around and added in those areas. Again, I am working hard to make your shopping on BloomingDaisiesCrafts easier and more enjoyable.

If you haven’t already, like us on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. I try not to inundate anybody’s feed with too much.

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