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It's Turkey Season!

We are turning the corner on the holiday season! One down, three to go! Yep, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and, finally, the New Year! This time of year seems to be full of family traditions, some generations old and some new. Most of our traditions are new. It is a decision that my husband I made, to celebrate traditions that bring us joy and draw the family together.

As I have said before, I enjoy decorating for Halloween, but Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday to celebrate. It may be it is that the expectations are good food, good company (if the family can behave), and no gift exchanges. My favorite! With five kids--four with spouses, three couples with two kids each…we are starting to sound like a Christmas carol! Anyway, our family Thanksgiving gatherings are loud, crowded, and fun! We tend to rotate houses. I am hoping the coronavirus doesn’t change our plans. But like everything else this year, we will roll with it…whether or not we gather together, my husband and I plan to travel to see all of the “kids” and the “grands” (especially grandbaby #6). We aren’t in any hurry to set a date, or rush the time schedule. Maybe that will become a tradition…

Just three years ago, I started a gift exchange with the “women” on “my side” of the family. It includes my sister, SILs, daughters, nieces, one grandniece, me and for the first time my “grandbaby #1” who just this past year reached the age threshold. Our families are spread out geographically and as such we hardly get to participate in life’s milestones. This was started so that we could get to know each other and have some fun! Brittany is the moderator this year and just sent out the names and wish lists this past week. So far, I am having a blast! I have thrown myself into finding the perfect assortment of gifts within the price range. I would ask for suggestions but I don’t want to post any spoiler alerts!

Speaking of Spoiler Alerts!

  • You will be proud of my progress on the Tardis cross stitch. I don’t have much time to work on it--between my day job and my dream job (BloomingDaisiesCrafts), the hours in the day are short and so is my attention span. This project is perfect for when I just want to space out and watch mindless TV, which is in abundance this year…

  • I have the quilt back for grandbaby #6! All I have to do now is stitch the signature block and bind it. Once Number Six has received it, I’ll post a picture or two. Siobhan from ModernDayMaker (check her out on Instagram) is my DIL, the baby’s mom, and the person I credit for picking out the quilt pattern and beautiful colors.

  • I am making slow progress on Brittany’s “forever” quilt. Forever because it has taken forever to get it done or she will keep it forever…it is a toss-up at this time. (For the full story, you can read the August 28 blog, “Just Do It” or “Let It Go!”) I have had to FROG (think, “rip it, rip it”) some of the squares and replace the original gray with the lighter gray. I have reset the finish date to December 31…Now to accomplish it.

  • Grandchildren Ornament update: I decided on the “signature” on the back. I printed out labels and plan to zig zag them on the back of the gingerbread men! I appreciate all the suggestions that readers sent in!

Recently, I joined the Facebook group, Cross Stitchers Unlimited, and I have got to say, they live up to their name. The members are “rock stars” of the cross stitch community. As the group is not affiliated with a shop, manufacturer, or cult, the postings are open to a wide range of information about products, services, and incredible projects that members are creating. Just read the description under the “About” heading. I have found my people, my tribe.

Now onto BloomingDaisiesCrafts! My sister and I have been working on the website to make it more customer friendly, freshen it up with new product each week, and, generally, just have some fun with it. Check out the website and you will see that I’m slowly moving the fall line toward the top on the website. (FYI, everyday merchandise is still available! And you may actually see a new fabric or two!) After categorizing the Needle Minders, I began grouping “like” product together. That is a work in progress! Look for “New Product” flagging! It’s all on my to-do list, just not checked off! However, I am feeling accomplished.

This week’s newest listings include:

And another thing you’ll read here first, SALE starting 11/9 thru 11/19 with a contest at the same time!!!! We are ready to finish off 2020 with a great time!

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