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Looking forward to things getting back to normal…someday…

I went to our local stitching store, Golden Needle, for “Second Saturday Sit-N-Stitch.” It is much as the name describes: on the second Saturday of the month, cross stitchers come to the store to stitch and visit. This was the first one since the COVID 19 outbreak. I cannot express how enjoyable it was to meet up with the various ladies that attended. Most remarkable was the age range: from women in their 20’s to women in their 70’s. I love seeing the next generation start this art. My niece, Riley, got a custom BloomingDaisiesCraft dust cover, grime guard and needle minder for her 23rd birthday this year.

Anyway, back to the Sit-N-Stitch, everybody was talking and laughing! And, of course, we took the opportunity to see all of the works in progress! There were miniatures, lighthouses, and “black work out of variegated floss” (very pretty). We also exchanged of a lot of information and ideas! I took my “Rub A Dub” Penguin project and mentioned that I don’t last long when I’m stitching on my current projects; I get distracted. Lisa, owner of Golden Needle said, “Maybe you need another project in there that keeps your interest.” Permission to bring out my Christmas Wreath project! Woo who! So I worked on all 3 projects this weekend. Winner!!

Of course, while there I couldn’t resist “window shopping” and found another project to go in my stash. It’s the “Flowers in the Winter” four-part design featured in Stoney Creek Cross Stitch Collection. Unfortunately, the current magazine has the second of the 4 parts so Lisa is ordering the past issue for me. Did I mention I live in Florida and collect snowmen? How funny is that?! But the magazine also has a “flip flops are my dress shoes” project, too.

I just have to give a shout-out to Lisa, a fellow small business owner, who is the perfect hostess and makes everybody feel like family. I highly recommend supporting your local small specialty needlecraft stores. Not only will you be able to touch the product before you buy it, the owners and staff have a wealth of information and share the same interest in stitching. As a small business owner, I know that your business is appreciated.

On a side note, I’m having my heart tests this month. I had a very minor heart attack 9 years ago. Whatever you do, take the time to take care of yourself. I know cross stitching can give you a stress outlet but don’t forget the other aspects of your health. :)

This coming week for BloomingDaisiesCrafts, I’ll be working on getting another set of new grime guards done. I'm up to 78 Grime Guard Fabric choices! Make sure you check out the new Needleminders, and treat yourself to a new one! I even have some new wooden ones you can personalize for your interests by coloring them with colored pencils!

If you have any product you would like made up or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to ask! I am not afraid to say it is beyond my capabilities, but nine times out of 10, I can do it!

As always, thank you for supporting my small business and a special thank you to my sister, Kim, for upgrading my blog!

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