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Love Your Pet Day on February 20!

Blooming Daisies Crafts hopes that you and your pet had a wonderful Love Your Pet Day this past Monday! Our girls, Bella and Rosy, got peanut butter in their Kongs. Apparently, every other Monday is Love Your Pet Day in our household for Bella, as they get a treat; however, it is shot day for Rosy. Our Rosy is allergic to most everything so she has her own canine allergist that mixes up a formula and this mom gives Rosy a shot--every other Monday. Yes, I had to watch a video on the proper way to administer the shot. I never would have figured I would be administering shots to a person, let alone a dog, on a regular basis. But Rosy is so worth it. I believe she would do the same for me! Rosy proves her devotion when I get into the pool as she jumps in to “save” me - every single time. As much as I would like to swim to exercise, I cannot swim a single lap without her “assistance,” which is fine by me. Bella, on the other hand, is a splashing water chaser. She does not get all the way in the pool but she does make regular use of the newly installed sunshelf. We thank heaven that the girls do not get into the pool when we are not in it. My husband and I could imagine what the state of our house would be with an open doggy door offering free access to both the water and the house!

My sister and her husband have 3 dogs: a German shepherd and two corgis, as well as a Japanese Silkie rooster. The German shepherd, Bullett, is a total “mamma’s boy”. Just like our GSD, Rosy, Kimberly’s boy has allergies so he has a special diet—diced vegetables and pumpkin puree every night. As a rescue, he scored when he was adopted by my sister and her husband. The corgis are half-sisters and fairly close in age. While the older one, Winnie, is more regal in her demeanor, the younger corgi, Sasha, is a clown.

This brings us to the rooster. He showed up in their backyard one morning. Calls were made and the consensus was that he would be someone’s dinner within two weeks. My sister says that they made eye contact and named him, Fryer Tuck, which made him a family pet and Sasha’s best buddy. The two of them make quite the pair. When Tuck is outside and gets lonely, he crows and Sasha runs to the back door to be let out. The two of them roam the yard. Sasha will sleep in the yard, while Tuck seemingly stays close as if to protect her. In discussion, we are not sure to use the term “a dog and her rooster” or “a rooster and his dog”. There is definitely “pet love” there.

It is probably obvious that Blooming Daisies Crafts love animals. We welcome you to browse the selection of products available at or perhaps Search (located in the upper right-hand corner) for the animal of choice. Be aware that under the Needle Minders tab, Animals selection, there are approximately 140 to choose from. Not all are the animals are domesticated and, while many might not be considered “pet-friendly,” others could be thought of as “spirit animals,” such as the Tribal Wolf/Lobo or Cute Panda. Of course, the #dogmom and Crazy Cat Lady are favorites of the many people that celebrated “Love Your Pet Day”.

New this week, a Q-Snap Project Bag featuring Daisies with Bee Affirmations OR Bee Affirmation with Daisies! These two fabrics are so cute that they are being offered up in either configuration. I decided to list these project bags this way because I was conflicted on which fabric should be outside and which should be lining so I give both options!

Continuing with the pet loving theme, look at the other categories: there are so many fun prints to choose from--such as the Kitty Cats on the Beach Q-Snap Project Bags or the brightly colored Cute Llamas Q-Snap Project Bags. And don’t forget the Bunny Butt grime guards—perfect for Easter as well! Blooming Daisies Crafts has so many choices in most of our product. As always, if you are visualizing a different combination, let us know. We help bring your ideas to life!

Blooming Daisies Crafts Animal Themed Product!

Kitty in the Window - almost gone!

Needle Minders - Click here for the Animal Needle Minders!

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