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Manic Monday!

Monday is so busy for us!! Organizing is a big part of Monday's and the weekend before so we can start Monday on a decent note. I (Brittany) not only work for our business making needle minders and softball roses, but have two girls (Lily - 11 and Haylie - 9). They are both homeschooled. I make the curriculum from scratch so it requires a lot of preplanning! I tend to work on the business later at night because my days are consumed by homeschooling and housework.

On the agenda for today:

- Catch up on work because we missed Friday because of a special visit this weekend. Although, Saturday we went and did a big history lesson. Haylie was very into blacksmithing and Native American culture. So much so, a person at the event gave her an arrowhead.

- Cleaning up the house from a chaotic weekend.

- Finalizing this weeks elective plans.

- Lily has an orthodontist appointment as well!

- Oh yea, and Happy FILE YOUR TAXES day! Had to do that today as well!

- Get an order out.

- Find youtube videos for this weeks lessons. Oldest is struggling a little in multiplication issues. I also wanted to find some videos to correspond with this weeks Science and Social Studies units.

- I've got to run to meet up with my husband because he has our card to pay for the orthodontist.

- Exercise. Yes, because this is an awesome time to go on a diet and need to exercise! But hey I am down officially 4 pounds.

The sad part is, this is actually a normal Monday for us! What's on your plan for this Tax Day Monday?

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