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Manic Monday!!!

We would like to take a moment to acknowledge Brit's daughter, Lily. She received her Bronze award yesterday after lots of hard work in Girl Scouts. We are very proud of her! She made toys and scratching boxes for cats in shelters. Congratulations, Lily!

A new week with new projects to get done!!! This is just Debbie's hope to do this week! I have orders to do thru the Ouija Board and Beauty & the Beast Q-snap bags with matching grime guards. I have more of our cord bags to complete. I would love to get some serious things done on my WIP but right now, it's a lot of white...My blueberry plants have been neglected for the 2 years we've been in Florida. It's time to transplant them and give them some love. I almost pulled the weed out of the one plant and it turned into a pretty pink petunia! And this is just mine, this doesn't include Brit's plans for the week. She also has her home school and girl scouts!

We hope you have a great week with lots of things accomplished for you! What are you hoping to get done this week?

We are slowly gearing up to start the next grade in our homeschool. So with that, I have to have an attack plan. My goal this year for homeschool is to be more organized and have a plan. We were bouncing around a lot as this was our first year homeschooling, but I feel we have a flow now.

Secondly, I want to organize my work space more. Right now its functional but barely. So the closet needs to be organized!

Then, I want to get at least 5 new needle minders up for y'all this week!

Here's to busy days this week!

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