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Memorial Day

I am copying this from a friend's FB post but such beautiful sentiment:

Today will be the most expensive holiday on the calendar. Every hot dog, every burger, every spin around the lake or river, or drink with friends and a debt...purchased by others. This is not about all who've served...that day comes in the fall. This one is in honor of those who paid in life and blood; whose moms never saw them again, whose dads wept in private, whose wives raised kids alone, and whose kids only remembered them from pictures. This isn't simply a day off. This is a day to remember - that others paid for every free breath you ever get to take.


God bless those who served and died. God bless the families, friends and loved ones they left behind. So today, it's not "Happy" Memorial Day. Bow your head and say a prayer for those that died and while you're praying, say something for the children and teachers from Uvalde.

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