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My Cross Stitch Stash as of Right Now ;)

Hello, my name is Debbie and it has been quite a while since I bought my last cross stitch kit. But, then again, that would mean that I admit I have a problem, which I don’t. And, neither do you! We all have that next kit (or maybe three or a dozen—no judgment here!) but don’t talk too much about them. They lurk in our closets; hide inside end tables or maybe nightstands, ready to be brought out. In an effort to clear the air, I’m coming clean: as of today, I have eight in my stash. Only eight.

My list includes, in no particular order:

  1. Octopus Dance - Ahoy

  2. Wicked Stitches #163 (Halloween)

  3. Trick or Treat by Ursula Michael

  4. Pretty Pumpkins by Glendon Place

  5. Thanks Giving by Glendon Place

  6. Stack of Penguins - for Christmas

  7. Christmas Beach Chairs by Dimensions

  8. Flag Draped Eagle

If you notice, #6 the Stack of Penguins - I don't have the instructions so it's one I'm actively looking for. If you have information on it, please let me know!

It doesn’t not include the 2 projects that I’m actively working on now. (Or my Pinterest patterns. Those are different lists and blog posts for another day.) Once a project is started, I cross it off my Stash List! Woo who! As a list maker, I will accept victory wherever I can!

I figure I’ll get to some of my stash and will undoubtedly keep adding to it without the guarantee it will all get done. But then again, it’s not my problem. :)

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