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My WIP Waiting For Me To Sew!

Now that the holidays are fast approaching, people are talking about how their “work in progress” (WIP) looks in their stitching area.

Take a look at my Christmas WIP! As you can see, I have dressed my Christmas project in the “Vintage Christmas Labels” dust cover. Inside, I have everything I need to contain my WIP: my cross stitch on the 24” scroll frame with “Christmas Green/Gold” grime guards, the instructions and floss! When I open up my dust cover, all I need for this project is there, making my hobby more enjoyable and stress free.

I love that it looks like a holiday decoration while it’s waiting for me! And when I take my WIP on the go, I just slip inside my coordinating project bag. Obviously, a smaller WIP!

Blooming Daisies has dust covers with matching or coordinating grime guards for other size scrolls in fabrics for the holidays, special interests and everyday favorites! Let me know what you are looking for, I can make that one of kind item for you or someone special for the holidays or everyday use!

This holiday season give yourself or a stitcher you know accessories to go with their stitching! Blooming Daisies has grime guards, dust covers, project bags, ORT jar scissor holders, needle minders and even lip balm holders

to reflect your personality!

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