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Needle Minders versus Needleminders? How would Gershwin have spelled it?

I have made it no secret that improvements are being made on the BloomingDaisiesCrafts website. In talking with my sister, we decided that uniformity in the descriptors would be the next change. The Dust Cover/Protector category was chosen because of its relative low number (24) of entries. Got that tab done and checked off my list! Now to move to Needle Minders!

The Needle Minders tab had the first website improvement late last year when it was divided into ten categories to make browsing and shopping easier for our customers. Currently, BloomingDaisiesCrafts offers over 455 Needle Minders! Moving to this tab was quite the step up from Dust Covers, but like eating an elephant, I chose to start with one small bite—Animals. Progress is slow but the results are satisfying. My plan is complete this subcategory by sometime next week and then move onto the next, still to be determined, soon after. The work is tedious but BloomingDaisiesCrafts is intent on getting the website more uniform and user friendly.

Now for the fun stuff! I want share my current favorite Needle Minders.

  1. I absolutely love the ghost dog. It’s that Jack-o-Lantern nose!!!

  2. The corgi butt with the heart. Need I say more?

  3. The crayon trio. It comes in a group however if you want only one, let me know. I’ll “break up the band”.

  4. I am a Minion lover. I do wish I could find one in real life to help me out. My sister helps me but refuses to wear the cute overalls!

  5. For cuteness, it is a three-way split--the bunny ballerina; Chip, from B&B; and the bumblebee.

  6. And last (for right now), Winnie with his friends! They remind me of my own family. When we get together, we do family pictures. There is normally a “nice” picture. And, then the “real” us—funny faces. It is a tiny glimpse into who we are.

Again, these are my favorites at this moment but it can and does change often. As of today, unless there are more in the mail, BloomingDaisiesCrafts has so many (455) to choose from, it’s never easy. If it helps you to make a decision, I can share the customer favorites for this past week—Corgi Butt, Minnie (posing), Mickey Heart Hands, and the Gnome. The Gnome is new and very popular apparently! I have ordered a few variations of gnomes so you will have more to choose from very soon.

Not sure that you need one, or five, Needle Minders? Many cross stitchers use one Needle Minder per needle. Using multiple needles saves time by eliminating the necessity to rethread a needle every time a color change happens. I currently have 4 Needle Minders on the Tardis project (yes, that perennial favorite). In keeping with the “outerspace” theme, I have 3 different Dr. Who magnets and a Marvin the Martian. Marvin brings a smile to my face when I’m tired of the massive amounts of blue floss (different shades, of course) used on the Tardis. Marvin is only retired because my source dropped him. I have looked long and hard at other companies but have not found him yet. Trumpets will sound if/when BloomingDaisiesCrafts is able to restock Marvin the Martian.

If you feel like you have too many Needle Minders (is that even possible?!), remember, they also can double as refrigerator/office magnets until you want to use them on your project again. Needle Minders also stick to filing cabinets, school lockers, and tool boxes. You can shop to express your feeling towards someone—Valentine’s Day is only one month away--or maybe choose one that reflects that certain someone’s personality. I use the “Faith” magnet for my lotto tickets. I have faith that I will keep buying them…

I hope that you like the changes to BloomingDaisiesCrafts. The newest modifications are only to the descriptors (boring!) however, BloomingDaisiesCrafts will continue to update the website with fun, new product in every category! Look around the website and see what is new and exciting!

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