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New Customer Requests - They are such fun!

You may have noticed that the Blooming Daisies Craft blog took a week off. My husband and I spent a long weekend with our youngest son’s family. Yes, we got to meet grandbaby, Number 7! He is adorable and has a calm temperament. He will need it with his two older sisters who dote on him. I have to admit that I truly believe that there is a reason for the biological cutoff time for women to have babies. Those kiddoes wore me out! Even at bed time I was happily “stretched thin”. While holding the oldest (in that house) grandbaby’s hand as she went to sleep (per her request), I caught a glimpse of her little sister’s hand reaching out to me. I was not going to miss that opportunity! I quickly reached out to hold hers as well. This is just one precious memory from a wonderful visit.

Part of the visit included delivering Number 7’s quilt. This quilt was a labor of love. When my daughter-in-law told me the color palette and that the baby’s room was to be decorated with dinosaurs, I went searching Pinterest for a quilt topper that was worthy. I found a pattern that had everything I was looking for. Without a doubt, it was the most labor intensive quilt I have done. And, as promised, I have included a picture!

The last Blooming Daisies Craft blog has brought up quite a few discussions regarding special requests.

One customer would like a small scissor holder to go in her thread box so her Blooming Daisies Craft Needle Minders do not attach to her scissors and perhaps magnetize them. There are a number of ideas being tossed around at this time.

Another client will be participating in a “stitch along” (SAL) that begins this September. She commissioned a Grime Guard and matching Q-Snap Bag to enhance this project. Her SAL is Autumn Lane’s “Dark Queen of the Earth”. We conferred on the fabric choices (looking for an earthy feel) and selected a rich leafy pattern with complementing goldenrod bias tape finish and a softer gold liner. Initially, I was not sure of the combination, however, upon completion - I love them. Check out the Q-Snap Bag for yourself!

Blooming Daisies Crafts thrives on customer special requests. If you have an idea or favorite fabric in mind, press the “Let’s Chat!” button located in the lower left corner of the Blooming Daisies Crafts website. “We help bring your ideas to life!”

As reported a few weeks ago, my sister finished the Gnome Sweet Gnome, April edition. It is a precious ornament on a wood blank. Yes, wood. Using a hard, solid surface to cross stitch has a solid challenge-mainly finishing the thread ends. I asked her to explain how she was able to make the back looking so nice.

As the Blooming Daisies Crafts blog covered a few weeks ago, beginning a thread color employing the loop starting method made the cross stitching easy. However, finishing is another story. Because the wood had no give, running a needle under the prior stitching was not an option.

As each thread ended, it was important to be prepared to catch the tails under the next color just as one would do to begin a new thread length. This takes planning in some cases. At times, a thread would need to be “parked” by weaving the thread in and out holes or left in a needle resting on a Blooming Daisies Crafts Needle Minder (the mini Ink Blot or Time Bomb were favorites!) until the number of crosses were present to hold the strands. Sometimes multiple colors were secured at one time. I will admit to tying the single black threads used for backstitching.

In honor of Gnome Sweet Gnome completion, Blooming Daisies Crafts is featuring its own gnome product!

Needle Minders

New Fabric Alert too!

Patriotic Gnomes - Pictured here - let me know what you want and let’s Get-r-done!

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