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New Product Alert! Patriotic Grime Guards

A few weeks ago, a customer reached out to me about featuring some patriotic fabric in the Blooming Daisies Crafts Grime Guard line. How in the world could I have missed that?! Realizing the error of my omission, I jumped right in with both feet.

This week Blooming Daisies Crafts is featuring: not one! Not 2! But 3 new fabulous patriotic Grime Guards!

Our patriotic prints are wonderful individually or play well with each other if you would like to mix and match your Grime Guards with a special order WIP bag! Blooming Daisies also offers the standard red and white dots or Dog Paw Print (that was advertised as patriotic?) that complement these fabrics.

Whether or not you buy any of the beautiful patriotic Grime Guards, you will definitely enjoy the Blooming Daisies Crafts Needle Minder selection.

There are so many to choose from! And then do not forget to wrap it all up in the Blooming Daisies Crafts Americana Dust Cover featuring a beautiful patchwork design both inside and out. I'm almost out of the lining fabric, so if you want one, we'll figure out what to do for the lining and matching grime guards! This product will protect your WIP from dust, prying eyes, or little “helpful” hands! Our Dust Covers are sewn by this small business owner right here in the USA.

As we start heading into the summer holiday season, I am curious. Do you put your patriotic decorations out for the entire summer or just for Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and/or Veteran’s Day? Once my Easter decorations were down, the patriotic decorations were brought out. While I do not have a lot of plant markers or star mini lights, my husband and I keep our flags flying with lights on them 365 or 366 days of the year.

Blooming Daisies Crafts received a special request for a Grime Guard to fit an 18x22 Evertite frame. An Evertite is a fairly new and cleverly designed type of Stretcher Bar normally used for needlepoint, etc. Blooming Daisies Crafts was up for the challenge and is always looking for new product, so I began by using the measurements as I would for an 18x22 Q-Snap frame. Nope - 18x22 is the inside measurement with a Q-Snap. Morale of this story: if you ever request a custom sized Grime Guard, please let me know right away if it is not a standard cross stitch product.

In all of the years I have been cross stitching, I have yet to finish a Patriotic cross stitch. Of course, I have only attempted one. Title this blog “The Confessions of a Modern Day Cross Stitcher.” My latest confession, Lord knows I have many, would be that I have a long unfinished WIP “skeleton” hiding in my closet. Now as the line of national holidays approach, I find that I have an unfinished patriotic project sitting in my closet. It is for ou

r second son that is career military. It is the Flag-Draped Eagle offered by BeadedBirdXStitch. It is a gorgeous pattern on black Aida cloth. Black. 18 count. Aida cloth. It used to be offered thru Etsy but now it's not. If you are interested, contact Lisa at Golden Needle. I know she did the picture for her son that was in the Marine's and might have the pattern available. I have hid it deep and well in that closet. But like a ghost, it is haunting me. Maybe sometime soon…

In other BIG and happier news, I did untangle the knot in my Christmas Beach Chairs. I am proud of myself. Remember, we celebrate small (teeny tiny) victories! Not that I consider this small. Lately, I have been lax with my TV time and stitching. I need to make the concerted effort to pick up my latest WIP when I am sitting in front of the TV watching American Idol. And, yes, I do vote!

Now for the farm report: my plant futures are looking very promising. The zucchini bucket has produced a sprout! Woo who! I am noticing a lot of buds on my tomato and pepper plants. The seeds for the green beans have not sprouted so I am going back to “everything I know, I learned in Kindergarten” roots and soaking some seeds in paper towels overnight to plant tomorrow. My cucumber plant count is still at 2. For one sweet moment, I thought more cuke shoots were breaking through the soil but they did not finish coming up. The carrot seeds are sprouting very sparsely. They may not even need to be thinned. I am not sure if this is a disclaimer or a warning to the plants, but, this is an experiment to see how well a bucket garden does and whether I plan to repeat it again next year.

Next week my husband and I have GrandKids 1 and 3 coming to stay the week with us! We cannot wait! Hopefully they feel the same. We have so many fun activities planned! Hopefully the Grands think so too! Obviously, we are filled with a lot of hope! Grand One is 14 years old and Three is 12. They both love animals and should enjoy looking for the fish from our dock for starters. Hopefully, when we get them out on the water, we will find some dolphins! That would be amazing. I cannot say that there will be a blog next week just because I want to thoroughly enjoy my visit with the grandkids!

And in other news, Golden Needle is opening in San Marcos, Texas - I can't wait to visit. If you are around that area (North of San Antonio) - stop in - you will find it well worth it!

Enjoy your week, too, and thank you always for all your support!

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