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New Year Resolutions Update!

#1 - Keep losing weight. Is that at the top of everyone’s list? Why is it at the top of mine? After purchasing and moving into the new house while continuing to work part time and run a small business last year, I found the weight I had lost creeping back on. Stress eating is a fact of life for many people, namely, me. This year I have really been focusing on exercising and trying to curb my snacking. Has that worked? My clothes are not loose but I do see some difference. And, by having at the top of the list, this resolution stays at the forefront of my mind.

#2 - Exercise dogs/swim every other day. I have started doing this. Due to Rosy’s previous health issues, it is a short distance when we walk and the pace is definitely not record breaking. Bella walks out front-- almost as if she is a show dog--while Rosy puts one foot in front of the other, getting the work done. However, if Rosy sees people or hears other dogs, her ears perk up and she walks with more determination. Both girls love when they meet new people or old friends on their walk. After all, it is a common fact that people exist to show love and appreciation to good dogs. And these girls are the best!

I have not been swimming as much as the temperature in and out of the pool is kind of chilly. Do not get me wrong, the temperature is absolutely gorgeous, but my blood has thinned quite a bit since we moved from NY so many years ago. This resolution will pick up as the temperatures warm up! Until then, I will keep on walking the dogs.

#3 - Use outdoor, grown up toys at least 2x a month EACH. The list of equipment is long and they are not equally enticing. At best, we have reached probably 1x a month on most but not all. The watercraft is used more than the smaller toys (read: exercise equipment). Besides, when we have friends and family visit, we find the water toys are used more often. The best part of getting out on the water is that the girls have become boat dogs. When we put the life vests on them, they are thrilled. And I am, too! Their excitement is contagious. We have found that we need to have the boat down and ready to board because once Rosy has her vest on, she is down the stairs and onto the boat. It is so cute! I believe that the new scenery stimulates her brain and is so good for her and Bella.

We will get around to using the other things. They are not going anywhere. Well, until we take them there.

#4 - Better organization - most neglected resolution yet. It is in working shape so I am okay for now. I have worked hard on the website and my sister says that it shows. My granddaughter organized the Needle Minders for Blooming Daisies Crafts when she visited this summer. Little steps still count.

#5 - Eat more veggies - This one I am working consciously to make a habit versus a resolution. I am eating celery or carrots with lunch instead of chips. Although I love my chips and feel no guilt in rewarding myself with a few, I still make sure I have some kind of vegetable with my entree. Supper is fairly easy; I am serving more veggies on the side. The amount of vegetables is not equal to my sister’s but I am doing much better than I was. I would guess that I am getting close to the recommended number of servings listed on the food pyramid.

We can be honest on this blog - New Year Resolutions are tough to keep! After reflecting on the past two months, I feel that I am doing better than okay! I am doing the best I can with life happening, making this year’s list a success.

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Grime Guards:

Besides the matching grime guards for product listed above, Blooming Daisies Crafts has more to offer!

  • Gorgeous Blue w/Flowers features water colored flowers in a multitude of spring time palette on a pale blue background.

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