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Patriotic Projects!

Today is pretty much the halfway mark for 2022. Oh my word. On to happier thoughts!

Monday is July 4th! While that date is the nation’s official birthday, my husband and I and the greater part of our family celebrate “red, white, & blue” from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Surprisingly, I have not worked on any patriotic cross stitch. Talking with a few friends, including my sister, none have. So now I am opening it up to my bigger friend group: you. Do you have any patriotic projects you are working on or have worked on? Maybe even completed?

My faux pas may be the catalyst that moves me to begin the Flag-Draped Eagle offered by BeadedBirdXStitch that I mentioned in the Blooming Daisies Crafts April 29 blog. It is so pretty but on black Aida cloth. I am starting to feel a little bit guilty because it has been sitting in the closet for so long that it should feel neglected. So, when I finish one of the 2 projects I am working on, I will pull it out and begin the work. And, lucky you, you can follow along with me just as you did with the Tardis--maybe with less whining on my part. The eagle was selected for another son and daughter-in-law. The goal is to get it done before he retires from the Army. In answer to the text inquiring of his retirement date, he sent this picture. No, he is not anticipating his retirement, at all! If I did the math right, my completion goal is 3/1/2026. Challenge accepted. I may add some caveats or extend the date, even though he will not.

The Blooming Daisies Crafts patriotic Grime Guards are selling pretty steadily. I really have to give a “shout out” to the customer that inquired about them. Fortunately for me, and quite a few customers, her request had me take a good look at the inventory only to realize that, while Blooming Daisies Crafts had a number of Needle Minders and a Dust Cover, there were no Grime Guards. Now that hole in the inventory has been filled with the offering of 3 new patriotic Grime Guards. The descriptions are very similar - Red, White/Blue Stars on White background; Red, White/Blue Stars on Blue background; or the Red, White/Blue Fireworks on Blue background.

Grand baby #7 quilt is at the quilter! YES! It was the most labor intensive quilt to date—probably ever—past or future. Upon deciding on the quilt topper and conferring with my sister, it was decided that the best result would be to appliqué the top of the quilt. It took a lot of time and my embroidery machine had a workout. However, the finished product is adorable!! Pictures will be posted once he (okay, his parents) receives it. My last dilemma is figuring out the signature square on the quilt. I have the best “signature” on my finished cross stitch projects, and have done a number of squares on other quilts but now have to figure out a special one for his quilt. It will probably closely resemble his sisters’.

Speaking about “signatures”, I am curious as to how my readers sign a piece of work. It is kind of like visiting the eye doctor: option one (initials) or two (full name); three (visible) or four (hidden under the matte/frame); etc. Inconsistency is okay; some of mine have the signature (mostly initials) showing and some do not. And, true to form, in “The Confessions of a Modern Day Cross Stitcher” I am sure that some pieces do not have anything. I was in a hurry to get the projects framed and time was of the essence. Normally, I do a very simple first initial from my first and last names and then the year. My initials, “DB”, work well but it is the simple change to lowercase letters that give my signature that added charmed. “db” Adorable!! Now that you know about mine, I hope that you will share yours. Do you sign your projects the same or different each time? Do you have a standard signature or mix it up? How did you arrive at your signature?

Recently, Kellie, a friend of mine that I met thru Blooming Daisies Crafts, confided that she has found something to convert paper charts into a medium that can be used on PatternKeeper. She has graciously agreed to write a blog on it with her opinion of the program! You are going to love Kellie. I asked her to not only give us her opinion but to also tell us about her history with cross stitching, etc. I cannot wait to read her guest blog! In the meantime check out her Etsy shop, Kat's Kraft Corner for fobs! Watch for it here on Blooming Daisies Crafts in the near future.

With July 4th this weekend, this week's featured product is Patriotic! I know it's a stretch!

Americana - Patriotic Dust Cover - It will have different lining fabric though

Patriotic Minnie Rhinestone Needle Minder And more - check out the holiday needle minder section! REMEMBER - We will be having a Christmas in July Sale - July 19th thru July 25th!

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