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Product That Goes Together!

This week the BloomingDaisiesCrafts blog is focusing on products that go together, not the bedroom décor of the seventies (matching floral bedspread, curtains, and wallpaper), but products that complement each other. In addition to lists, I like things that match. When BloomingDaisiesCrafts has product that coordinates with other product, I try to link them in the descriptions too. The commonality may be the season, theme, or holiday.

For the fall season, BloomingDaisiesCrafts offers the NEW Filigree Candy Corn Grime Guards, the Q-Snap Filigree Candy Corn Bag and, if you’re not ready to get started on that project yet, the WIP Candy Corn Bag! They all match and can be used for holding your Halloween or autumn project! Coordinating Needle Minders are all over the board, literally! The Halloween Candy Corn and Cute Ghost Halloween follow the Halloween candy theme. But do not let the fun end there! Candy corn can be matched with any of the BloomingDaisiesCrafts Halloween themed Needle Minders BUT you should not be limited when all of the autumn and Thanksgiving Needle Minders pair nicely with the fall colors in the print! Our Thanksgiving Turkey Enamel Needle Minder is the perfect example of a fun fall favorite.

The Balloon Animal Patterned QSnap and Scroll Grime Guards are cute as well and are for any time of the year. The Balloon Unicorn was just recently added to the Needle Minder selection. If you are thinking outside the box, the Up Balloons is fun or the Pow Comic Book Needle Minder plays off the sound a popped balloon makes. And know that BloomingDaisiesCrafts has just the answer to keep your project ready at any time with a WIP Balloon Animal WIP Bag!

Can you believe that Christmas is less than four months away?! At this time, BloomingDaisiesCrafts offers winter/Christmas Dust Covers/Protectors that allow you to hide your WIP in plain sight beneath six festive fabric choices: the red and white Words of Christmas, the Speckled Dust Cover with a surprise cartoon-favorite lining, Vintage Christmas Advertising, Christmas Green Advertising, a Reindeer Christmas, and, finally, a Snowflake Christmas, which can be used through the winter season. Customers will find a large selection of winter/Christmas Grime Guards at BloomingDaisiesCrafts to match your favorite Dust Cover. And, do not forget to accessorize your cross stitch ensemble with one or six Needle Minders. Just like Christmas tree ornaments, the more bling the better! (For those stitchers that like a more fun Christmas, check out the Frosty the Snowman (just type snowman by the magnifying glass) offerings in Needle Minders, Grime Guards, and the Q-Snap Project bag! Also available is the special order WIP Bag – at no extra cost! Just ask!)

Speaking of Christmas, BloomingDaisiesCrafts is doing research and development into matching sets for cross stitch enthusiasts that enjoy complementary sets or a “personal pattern” specific to them! Selections could include our product line of Grime Guards, Dust Covers, Project Bag, Needle Minders, etc. The collection may also include an ORT Jar matching Scissor holder. Decisions, decisions! At this time, BloomingDaisiesCrafts is concentrating on new fabrics posting so if you see something you would like, hit the “Let’s Chat” button and see how “we help bring your ideas to life.”

If you have not noticed, BloomingDaisiesCrafts receives a lot of special orders. Lisa from Golden Needle came over for dinner and mentioned that she would like the 11x11 Q-Snap Bags with the same vinyl window offered in the WIP Project Bags. As a BloomingDaisiesCraft follower, what are your thoughts? Just in case you are interested, I have made Candle Wick WIP bags to fulfill a customer’s special order.

In an honorable mention, that same cute Candy Corn Autumn/Halloween fabric is available in the BloomingDaisiesCrafts Healthcare Surgical Caps. Do not forget to look at the offerings from the drop down “Nurses Cap/Gifts/Misc” under the More button in the Product Header for any doctor, nurse, veterinarian, hospital worker or even biker you know. The fabric choices will suit most personalities—fun prints for the more playful individual and solids for the more serious or sedate. Frankenstein is modeling the Men’s Candy Corn Autumn Cap!

And do not forget that if you, or a loved one who may be looking for your perfect gift, plans on shopping early for Christmas – BloomingDaisiesCrafts offers a package concierge service at no extra cost!

On a sad note, the cost of postage is going up on Sunday and will be reflected in our shipping costs. Please note that BloomingDaisiesCrafts does combine shipping and refunds the difference though as a service to our customers.

Finally, TARDIS! I am so close to finishing The Tardis. Less than twelve squares. After all of the deadlines that I set for myself, I have met one! I want to thank the people that have followed this labor of love with me. Please picture me wearing my crown, cradling a big bouquet of roses, and draped in the sash that says, “WINNER”!

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