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Project Progress!

I finally reached THAT point with my Dimensions (70-08948) Christmas Beach Chair WIP. If you look back on the picture in the Blooming Daisies Crafts blog from June 24, you can compare the photos to see the progress that has been made. In this week’s picture, please note that I actually had to move the instructions over to get to the next phase! I was so proud of myself. Many of you may be asking why this is taking so long. Let me try to explain. I have a habit of catching the butterflies. Or catching glimpses of them. I start something and…”Oh, look a butterfly!” And that butterfly resembles some pretty odd things--I should start the laundry. Let me put these away. Ugh, I need to clean that up. Hopefully, you catch my drift. However, I am excited that I have finally gotten over the slump when I was barely stitching anything. I am still aiming for a completion date of the end of August…or September, 2022, at this time.

After reading last week’s guest blog by Kellie, I am really leaning toward experimenting with PatternKeeper. I am however an Apple girl and will have to use an iPad. Hopefully, I will be able to use her instructions. The big decision at this point is whether to convert this WIP or the next. There are advantages either way. I can list the pros and cons. Maybe alphabetize them. See what I mean? A butterfly. A rabbit trail. Anything shiny. Call it what you want, there goes my attention. Focus, Debbie! Anyway, you can see in my picture that the paper guide is right there on my project. Kellie explained the process and made it seem pretty simple. Kellie also started offering the scissor fob and picker sets on her site! Look how cute they are!

Last week, Blooming Daisies Crafts posted a lot of new products on the website.

Take a look at the Christmas Decorated Cactus Grime Guards, Q-Snap Bags, and WIP Bags that are now listed.

Under Needle Minders - Marvin the Martian! Growing up, my dad loved to watch Bugs Bunny cartoons with me and my siblings after he got home from work. We all love Marvin so much. Originally, Blooming Daisies Crafts offered one Marvin which sold out a couple of years ago. After scouring the internet for what feels like a millennia, I was able to find not just one, but two Marvins! Funny that to me and my sister the Christmas Decorated Cactus fabric and Marvin Needle Minder are a perfect pairing. Both are a flashback to our childhood in the Valley of the Sun watching Saturday morning Marvin the Martian cartoons.

This past week, Blooming Daisies Crafts fulfilled a special order for a client from Pennsylvania for 2 Dust Covers with matching Grime Guards. Because this customer LOVES anything Disney, the inside linings and matching Grime Guards are Disney. One Dust Cover features funny sewing sayings on the outside and is paired with Princess lining. The second Dust Cover has Fall Leaves with a Vintage Disney Movies lining. Both of these are now up on the Blooming Daisies Crafts website and available for anybody that loves Disney!

Think of this as a Public Service Announcement. The two new Dust Covers are also available with a variety of lining fabrics. Check out the Grime Guards at Blooming Daisies Crafts for the selection of prints available to make the next “specially order” Dust Cover yours!

Gnome progress screeched to a halt. My sister is close to completing the “field” of cross stitches (still has to back stitch) but went to visit her in-laws and did not want to worry about it getting broken on the flight. Plus due to last minute extra packing issues, there really was not room. However, I am not sure she would have had time. Her in-laws plant a huge vegetable garden each year. I believe she said 40’ by 60’. [Her sister, the editor, concurs] Because of the late planting, she was there for the initial harvesting of green beans by the bushel, a lot of cucumbers, some yellow squash and green tomatoes because they taste so good fried. The green beans picked in the morning were canned in the evening. And they canned three pickings of green beans—19 pints. As a bonus, her mother in-law said, “You canned them; you take them home!” Of course, my sister said. “YES!” and packed them into the vehicle to bring home.

This week I am taking all my leftover building supplies from my bathroom linen closet and organizing my hall bathroom linen closet. Of course this involves taking everything out and tearing down the wire shelves. Sadly enough, I realized a little too late that I did not take a “before” picture. UGH. Oh well, I will definitely take “during” and “after” pictures. I was excited to realize my husband and I needed to buy a six panel, folding closet door to replace the old fashioned louver door. However, we put the wire shelves and the door at the curb and they were quickly picked up. I like to think they will bless somebody else’s house!

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