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Projects for Christmas? Or Just When Finished?

First off, Happy Halloween! I'm a little late publishing this!

Many years ago, my sister decided to cross stitch a Christmas stocking for the man she was dating and would eventually marry. She started it in in July. It was the Janlynn “Santa’s Toy Stocking” on 25-count evenweave fabric. In terms of difficulty, it was high. Between work, school, a wedding, and the birth of her daughter, my sister was able to crank it out in those five months, give or take twelve months, or for (the second) Christmas. Do you have a project that you are racing to finish so you can gift it for Christmas or the holidays?

I’m not one of those people. I have a cross stitch WIP, the Dr. Who Tardis, for our oldest son that won’t be done in time for Christmas… but maybe for his January birthday. LOL. I’m not worried and I am not in any hurry. I believe that if I make something for someone, when the project in complete, it is gift giving time! I might mention here that I’m real bad about keeping secrets.

Most of my needlework WIP’s are for me. It might give the appearance of selfishness, but it is not. Cross stitch is a time consuming hobby; each project taking months to complete. And, I have heard that giving a present to adorn someone else’s home is very risky business. How well do you really know the decorating tastes of your friends or, in some cases, family? I know what I finish will fit very well in my home—I have already picked the location! I also take great pleasure each time I see my handiwork hanging on my wall. (See July 17 Blog: “What do you do with your finished projects?”)

While I don’t cross stitch for my family or friends, I do make quilts for each of my kids (and grandbabies). My current WIP quilt top is for Brittany. Its progress has been interrupted by the creation of BloomingDaisiesCrafts. I think she understands as she and I started the business together. That quilt top is on my list to be completed, and I cannot wait to place the check mark beside it.

I also dabble in other craft mediums, mostly when making Christmas ornaments for my grandkids. This year I have chosen to make felt gingerbread people (with little face masks) ornaments. So the felt medium isn’t so far off for a seamstress…however, in the past I favored clay. Anyway, I have the ornament figured out but have struggled on a signature block on the reverse side. I am open for suggestions! What have you done? If you are generous enough to tell me, can you please send me a picture, too? I am a visual learner.

BloomingDaisiesCrafts has posted two new “Christmas” dust covers (this was wishful thinking at the writing of this blog...they aren't done yet...). While the red and white with the verbiage is definitely Christmas, the red and white snowflake can be used throughout winter months with the appropriate lining. Please contact me about the various lining fabrics that are available before ordering. I enjoy working with my customers on custom pieces that then become BloomingDaisiesCrafts staples!

As you probably know, BloomingDaisiesCrafts has been introducing new product at an aggressive rate in anticipation of the coming holidays. New postings will be slower in the coming weeks due to filling customer orders for the holidays but they will continue to come with just a few more Christmas fabrics. Don’t forget that BloomingDaisiesCrafts holiday merchandise isn’t limited to Christmas. We offer Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Hanukkah products for the approaching holiday seasons.

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