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Reviewing 2022 New Year Resolutions and Looking forward to 2023 New Year Goals

As I reflect on last year’s resolutions, it is easy to say that I did not do particularly well. However, the reflection of last year would not be a perfect image; my year was more like a walk through a circus funhouse with a vast array of distorted mirrors. It started out normal but by September I was in the mirrored maze. First the broken ankle, then the delayed surgery, and, finally, “hot on its heels,” Hurricane Ian…and I almost forgot the long recovery time. Cue the crazy clown music! All of this really messed up the end of my year.

This year, I have decided to set goals for next year! Here they are:

1. Cook at home more often. I am not a person that loves to cook. Normally, I treat meal prep and cooking as if it is a chore. This year I am going to try to make it more fun! And, when my husband asks if I need help, I will let him. Because I do not enjoy cooking, I have hated to “share the misery.” Now, he and I can spend quality time together as we divide and conquer our homemade dinners!

2. Finish 2 cross stitch projects. Surprisingly, 2022 was not a good year for my cross stitch WIP’s! You would have thought that with all of the down time during my recovery, I would have gotten a lot done. Not so. After I finished Tardis at the end of 2021, I was hit or miss stitching on my projects in 2022. I say with confidence that I am going to actually get 2 projects done for 2023!

3. Take an “real” vacation. Since the Pandemic, our vacations have included visiting family or attending weddings/funerals. But, this year, I want to take at least 1 week off and go somewhere with my husband to really unwind. We have been watching documentaries on Yellowstone National Park, which puts it high on my list for next year’s vacation destinations!

4. Use our outside toys more often. Last year, I had put a number on how often to use them. Between the broken ankle and Hurricane Ian, the thought to finish strong was diminished. When I broke my ankle, I could not get my cast wet. Nor was I able to ride a bike.

Now that we can be out on the water, my husband and I have not been able to go out on our canal in the boat due to debris from the hurricane. Once I am more confident with the stability of my leg, we will be able to take the kayaks. See below.

5. Make a habit out of exercising or working out. Since I could not exercise due to my ankle, I have noticed parts of me that have become flabby. I am not going to make exercise a resolution; I am going to make it into a habit. I will start by keeping up with my PT to strengthen and stabilize my ankle. I know I sleep better when I actually do some physical activity every day.

So now that I am not doing resolutions but goals - Go me!

For 2023, Blooming Daisies Crafts wishes you much success and great health!

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