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Seasonal Product

In the past, Blooming Daisies Crafts shoppers and followers have asked if Christmas product sells better when it is close to Christmas. I can honestly say, “Not really.” And this observation holds true for most holidays (I hate to use absolutes!) For example, the first week of May and just before Mother’s Day, Blooming Daisies Crafts orders included Halloween Grime Guards and a Glow in the Dark Jack-o-Lantern Project Bag, as well as Christmas Grime Guards. This is not to say that no spring/summer related product sold. Some did! Blooming Daisies Crafts sold a set of Mint Green Flower Grime Guards, various Dust Covers and more.

Sales show me that a large portion of Blooming Daisies Craft customers like to match their Grime Guards to what the project they are stitching. Others go rogue! I will use my current WIP as an example. The Dimensions (70-08948) Christmas Beach Chairs kit is obviously for Christmas and I had adorned my work with Christmas Grime Guards to add to the holiday spirit. Then, I felt a change was in order, and now my scroll rods are sporting the fun Beach Flamingo Summertime Grime Guards! Obviously, each person is different. I have one customer that has Dust Covers and matching Grime Guards for every scroll rod she owns. And she has a lot!

When Blooming Daisies Crafts first started, new product postings were done to coincide with holidays or events throughout the year. What can I say? I was new to the small business/retail scene! Now that I am older and wiser, new product is posted no matter what the season—once it is sewn, it is up on the website! It only took a couple of years of experience and the realization that crafters work on projects all year long…think of “Christmas in July” sales at the major retailers. Can you imagine if we only stitched Christmas during the Christmas season? I truly believe that nothing would ever get done.

Speaking of getting things done…I am slowly progressing on the Dimensions (70-08948) Christmas Beach Chairs kit. And, as was discussed in a prior blog, I have placed my Dimensions 8992 Holiday Harmony Christmas Wreath (and yes, I get a stipend if you buy this kit off my link) WIP next to my chair in the family room so I can change things up if I should become bored with the Beach Chairs project. Keeping in mind that my friend, Kellie, has up to six WIP going at once, I am wondering what my next WIP will be and when do I move it from the stash and into the WIP? A while ago, I had started the Flag Draped Eagle for our son and daughter-in-law but it is a huge project. I have firsthand knowledge as my friend, Lisa, owner of (and quick with a needle cross stitcher) has completed it. Now that I have acknowledged its status, I just realized that with this additional WIP started, I am half way to Kellie’s 6 WIP! Now to my second WIP done by the end of 2023. Have I mentioned that I still have to finish my first? Stay tuned!

New merchandise production goes on the back burner when Blooming Daisies Crafts has orders to fulfill, which I hate. It is the nature of the beast as I am the Design Team, Production Team and Fulfillment Team. I am a “Team” player! And at Blooming Daisies Crafts, there is such a thing as the letter “I” in team! While the Design Team is listed first, it is because that is the most fun one. New product is FUN! Production and Fulfillment pays the bills and purchases the supplies for the “fun”, making them a necessity. I still have the 2 hoop bags that are in between design and production…

Another seasonal product: babies in nature! As Blooming Daisies Crafts blog followers all know, my husband and I live on the water in FL. One of my daily activities is to pick litter out of the canal behind our home. After Hurricane Ian, I had to stop for a while—the water was dangerously dirty. But lately I have been able to start up again. Interestingly, in the past few weeks I have rescued baby opossums on two separate occasions! The first was in mid-April. It was little and feisty! I fished him out, put him on the neighbor’s floating dock, and he proceeded to jump back in the drink. Little, feisty, and not too smart. The latest “castaway” was smaller and sweeter. My husband and I did a little research and we believe since it is breeding season, opossum moms are clearing off their backs to make room for the next batch. We read that once the babies fall off, the mother is done raising them.

Blooming Daisies Crafts does have some new product from these past 2 weeks: Beach Flamingo Summertime Q-Snap/Scroll Grime Guards and Q-Snap WIP Bags. This print will be an entertaining addition to your WIP and brighten up your stitching. I swear they have attitude!

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