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So Close and Progress Made

If you are reading this, it means that I did not win the lottery. Somebody has to and my husband and I certainly feel we can handle the stress--even from being second-place winners. In some cases, second place is better! Second place winners are rarely named and have even less photographs published. What would you do if you all of a sudden won that much money? My husband says he would put it in his jaw and pray for lock jaw! Me, I try to figure things out and have probably spent way too much time day dreaming about this. Obviously, I would hire a lawyer and a financial consultant but after that, what to do and where to start?! I mean, would I move? I would probably would have to! But do not look for me on the TV show. Helping my family members (and yes, my sister is one of the top ones on my list).  And then come the charities. The real ones. I would vet them. You blog readers know that I am big on animals and veterans. All of that being said, I think I can rise to the occasion. Maybe next time. 

Independence Day, or July 4th, has now come and gone. Stores are starting to gear up for Back to School and I saw an ad the other day heralding the arrival of Pumpkin Spice in August. August! That is just two weeks away! Another case in point, the weather is so rarely cold here that I forget that there are seasons. Of course, with the examples above, is it any wonder that the year passes by in a blur? As the days and weeks fall off of the calendar, time marches on.

My to-do list this past week included “finish the Dimensions (70-08948) Christmas Beach Chairs cross stitch.” Well, maybe not in so many words. The work included the French knots, backstitching the birds holding the holly leaves, and, finally, my “db 23” signature. And on Tuesday, July 11, I checked that off my list! Yes! Just six months and 11 days through 2023, I have completed my first of two projects. Go, me! In light of my progress and wanting to keep up momentum, Wednesday, I picked up my next WIP, Thanksgiving Turkeys with the variegated floss, and got to work!

The Thanksgiving Turkeys project is my first attempt using variegated floss. Lisa, from Golden Needle, was emphatic in stating, “Do not ‘loop start’ variegated floss!” It is imperative that you have 2 strands that match up or your stitching looks muddy (her professional word). I have included a picture of where I started anew so you can keep up with my progress. I think that when I get to the cute turkeys on the side, I will feel accomplished! To keep me moving along, this WIP has a deadline. It has to be done by November 1 so that I have time to make it into a pillow to take to our daughter for Thanksgiving as a hostess gift. So once the stitching is done, I will be able to do something else that I love: pick out fabric! Seriously, it has been too long since everybody has been together so we are all looking forward to it. Wish me luck in my endeavor!

Take a close look at the Thanksgiving Turkeys. Yes, the boys are dressed up nicely in a new Blooming Daisies Crafts Grime Guard. Not yet listed on the website, this fall offering is available for blog readers in advance of its launch. It is a surprisingly brightly-colored floral pattern on a beige background that has a classic feel. Let me know if you would like one and the size you want. Pricing will be standard Blooming Daisies Crafts prices.

The Blooming Daisies Crafts Christmas in July sale will begin on Friday, July 21 and run until July 26. Would that be July Boxing Day?

This week’s featured products are Beauty and the Beast!

Beauty & Beast Q-Snap Project Bag with pink not yellow binding

Beauty & Beast Grime Guards - Hoops, Scroll, and Q-Snaps - let me know the size you want!

Needle Minders:

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