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Florida. Jerry, the opossum, was peacefully evicted from a couple’s Florida home late last week after eluding multiple traps and leading the residents on a multi-day search. No authorities were called and no charges will be filed. The residents, which should be noted, had all of their teeth and wore appropriate undergarments during the interview, are happy with the outcome.

It is reported that Jerry left peacefully through the front door after the husband swept through the house.

As the squatter was an adolescent, this outlet made up the name, Jerry, to protect the youngster’s identity.

Back now to the regularly scheduled blog….

Progress is being made on both my and my sister’s WIP! The Dimensions Christmas Beach Chairs work is slow and steady but still happening! After turning the page last week, I am happy to start seeing the highlighter light up this new instruction page! Hooray for progress! And, my sister has finished the April Gnome Sweet Gnome! Talk about a cutie and I am not even a Gnome person. She may be more proud of the back than the front. Who knew that a wood canvas would be so difficult to work with? She figured it out how to start and stop her threads pretty quickly though. I've talked her into sharing in next weeks blog some secrets for this!

On another note, I picked up Number 7’s blanket from the quilter at PJ’s Quilt & Longarm Studio located in Cape Coral, FL. She did an awesome job and I could hardly wait to get it home to sew on the binding. I know that our son and his wife are going to be so pleased with this quilt. I know I am. Pictures will not be posted until the gift has been presented later this month. Just remember to keep checking back!

Blooming Daisies Crafts news:

This past week has been filled with special customer requests! So far the Blooming Daisies Crafts has:

Reversed the fabrics of the Rainbow Paws w/Multicolored Dog Q-Snap Bag. The request was to have the pups on the outside and to line the bag with the paws. Easy peasy. And still so darn cute!

Fulfilled a special order with fabric that a client saw at Hobby Lobby and loved. The fabric was available at the local store which saved the price of postage.

Received unique material shipped by a customer for a special order. It's the beautiful butterfly fabric - I matched it up with some leftover fabric that is pink w/gold stars for lining. I will also use the pink w/gold arrows for others. They are now listed for sale too! Gorgeous Butterflies w/Pink Lining!

Worked on some R&D for a request for Scroll Rod Storage Sleeves. It is a work in progress as to make it just the way we envision it. That is correct! It is collaborated effort.

In other words, do not be afraid to ask! Blooming Daisies Crafts motto is, “We help bring your ideas to life!”

In so many ways, Blooming Daisies Crafts likes to give credit to customers asking for something new and useful, like the Dust Cover for Hoop Frame and now, the Scroll Rod Travel Bag.

Red Camper Dust Cover for the Hoop Frame that is featured under the “Dust Covers/ Protector” tab. It comes in two sizes: up to 10” and 12-14” and is priced at $30 and $34, respectively.

Another fabric choice for the Dust Cover for the Hoop Frame that is coming up in the Blooming Daisies Crafts “to-sew” queue is “Happy Cats” which will be paired with a bright yellow liner.

The Blooming Daisies Crafts larger Scroll Rod Travel Bag has been tested a couple of times. The tester has requested 1) another layer of buttons to control the size of the bag and 2) a single accessory pocket sized for her phone. I had not thought of that. Personally, I would carry my phone in my pocket or purse but if you are taking your sewing separately, you might want your phone in the bag. That is why customer input is so important!

Again, if you have questions or want to change something with a product on the Blooming Daisies Crafts website, use the “Let’s Chat” feature – it sends an email immediately so we can talk. If I can do it, I will!

In honor of Back to School, this week’s Blooming Daisies Crafts featured product is the Needle Minder Crayons with Attitude - I simply love them. They are so much fun on your stitching as they tease you and, yes, celebrate Back to School with the same amount of glee as most parents! This trio keeps your needles handy but also gives an attitude as you go! And they are the perfect magnets to hold the display of your child(ren)’s beautiful artwork—no matter what the medium, crayon or otherwise. Order a set for yourself and that lucky teacher that has your angel in the classroom!

Also, featured is the “Kitty Cats on the Beach w/Pawprint Lining” Q-Snap Project Bag! Somehow this fun print has slipped past the last few blogs. You do not have to be the Crazy Cat Lady to want these beauties to safeguard your project from kitty (or dog) glitter. The bags are available in two sizes, 11x11 and 11x17, for both small and large projects.

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