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Spring is in the Air!

I am hoping that this blog posting finds most of you with spring in the air! Since Florida has a subtropical climate, the temperature where I live is pretty much the same year around. This means that I am not always aware of the temperature outside my house and even less aware of the weather in other parts of the country. I know as I write this, it was 61 degrees when I got out of bed this morning and I was thinking it was a little chilly. Please understand that I did live in Rochester, NY, for 18 years so I do know what cold is. I can also remember the Mother’s Day that it snowed. But now that my husband and I have moved south, my blood has thinned and seasons are marked more by the equinoxes. Late April means it is mid spring!

Do I have spring fever? Well, what exactly is spring fever? According to it means: “a feeling of restlessness and excitement felt at the beginning of spring.” So according to that definition, no, I do not have spring fever. It is mid spring though and not the beginning.

This year marks the first time since moving to Florida that I planted a little bit of a vegetable garden. One of the advantages of buying this house was a large side yard that allows parking for work trucks, boats, or recreational vehicles. At this time, we only have our Craig Cat trailer stored in that area so I have plenty of open space. However, it is covered in gravel so it is not garden friendly. But Pinterest to the rescue! I found the idea to garden with Home Depot/Lowes buckets! Now I have 8 buckets on the side yard.

I am growing:

  • a sweet pepper plant,

  • zucchini,

  • cantaloupe (this is the one that physically cannot be contained in the bucket),

  • onions,

  • carrot seeds (just starting to show up above the soil),

  • bush cucumber plants (I started them from seed and they got up in the air real quick!)

  • bush green bean plants,

  • and last, but not least, one tomato plant - Roma because I would use them in sauces. I do not eat tomatoes to eat tomatoes.

Oh, and, I did get a variety citrus tree in addition to the potted orange tree that was given to me one Mother’s Day. Owning these is like playing the lottery--the Florida citrus crops have taken a real hit down here from bugs and fungus. I am hoping my orange tree gets better but it is dropping a lot of leaves after giving me a ton of citrus blooms. Real orange blossoms are the best smell ever!

I guess gardening would be my way of expressing “spring fever”. In Rochester, I did not plant before Mother’s Day; sometimes, Memorial Day. And while we are on the subject of growing plants in NY, here is a shout out to another small business! My husband’s cousin owns Bristol Hills Lavender and Flower Farm in Bloomfield, NY! The farm offers a variety of products and a number of events. Yoga enthusiasts can go “Namaste” in the lavender field! Bristol Hills Lavender and Flower Farm is on FB and has a website! If you happen to visit the farm, tell Susie, the owner, “Cousin Debbie in Florida” sent you. I am sure that she will get a good laugh!

Now, to get you updated on my cross stitching. I wish I could say that I have been sewing like crazy. Unfortunately for me, it has been quite the opposite. My husband and I had company a couple of weeks ago and I packed it away. So far, I haven’t felt inspired to get it back out. May be a burst of spring fever will encourage me to start again. I tried to work on the Christmas Beach Chairs (Dimensions 70-08948) project on a road trip and I swear on the 3rd stitch I got a knot in it. Guess what I have to do for that one?

The Blooming Daisies Crafts Spring product is something that I do enjoy as I love flowers. One of my favorite is the Purple Flowers on White. The dainty flowers and colors put a smile on my face. My sister says that the older she gets the more she likes the color lavender. Ironically, she prefers the Pretty Pink Posies with its bright color palette. Blooming Daisies Crafts loves customer feedback, so make sure add your favorite print in the comments below!

Needle Minders for Spring:

I hope you have a great week and DO NOT forget Mother’s Day is May 8. Get your shopping done early, especially if you are buying from me. It gives me plenty of time to ship it and for you to enjoy it!

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