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Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Cross stitch (and other needle crafts) and sports go together like peanut butter and jelly. Don’t believe me? I remember when I was a child, my dad telling me that a few professional football players stitched for relaxation. And, my dad knew everything about sports. Seriously! He named a couple of big name players that I cannot remember. However, when I looked on Google, Rosey Grier was at the top of the page. Many of you are too young to remember him but he was a really big guy—both in stature and in reputation. Were there others? I don’t know. I only have this vague memory and a short attention span on the internet.

Cross stitch is the perfect accompaniment to televised sports. As long as you can stay on pattern, it is easy to pick up your needle and watch your favorite team on the screen. I find that I can get a lot done in between plays. Or, if I listen intently to the announcers during NASCAR, I rarely have to look up. And it keeps my hands busy and my mind occupied. The perfect pairing!

Like millions of people, I am looking forward to the return of televised sports! And to throw some baseball/softball fans a bone, I have worked in a few sports terms:

BloomingDaisiesCraft owner reports that team’s designated ORT jar had a career ending injury last week after a long and exemplary career. Along with the “star jar”, went the floss ends inside. Clean up of the infield was stiffly performed by the stadium’s highly trained staff (thanks, honey!). A relief ORT jar from the bullpen was pulled and play was resumed. BTW See if the Bullpen picture didn't give you an earworm!

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