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Thank You to ALL Veterans! Progress on Healing!

Today, Veterans Day, Blooming Daisies Crafts would like to acknowledge and thank all of the Veterans out there. Your service and sacrifices in defending the USA are greatly appreciated. Our family has quite a few veterans from past generations to the current generation. Again, thank you!

Tuesday, just one day short of eight weeks since I broke my ankle, my cast was replaced with a walking boot. Part of me wanted to yell, “Freedom!” But I got a little ahead of myself. While I am happy with the progress thus far, I mistakenly thought the boot would allow me to do all things—drive, sew with my right foot, etc. The doctor does not want me driving. In America, that is total freedom. So let me tell you what I can do—I can put some weight on it now. Good enough! Small and welcome victory! The scooter is not quite retired, it is more of a back up so I do not overdo it on the foot. Besides, I can admit that it was fun to ride!

Because of the slowdown in production due to injury, this week the Blooming Daisies Crafts blog will review Dust Covers and their purpose. My husband and I have 2 large indoor dogs. One of BDC customers has 4 German shepherds - some of them long haired. This begs the question: How does a cross stitch “aficionado” limit the amount of animal hair being sewn into her/his project? Answer: Some put them in plastic bags when not being sewn on. Better answer: A Blooming Daisies Crafts Dust Cover! These handmade beauties help to keep the hair and dander off and still look pretty in the room! And for those of you without pets, Dust Covers protect your stitching projects dust, sticky (helping) hands, and prying eyes!

Currently, Blooming Daisies Crafts has 4 custom Dust Covers in the works for one customer. She ordered two 16” and two 14” with matching Grime Guards. Watch the website as they will be listed, making them available to anybody that is interested. And, yes, they are so pretty, you will be interested.

Dust Covers come with different fabric choices and sized to fit each cross stitch set up. The pictured sample are 16” sizes for displayed purposes, but, again, each Dust Cover has to be made individually to the customer’s stretcher bars. Blooming Daisies Crafts prides itself on the versatility that is offered to each customer. If you, the customer, like a certain outside fabric but want a different lining or matching Grime Guards, this is very easy to order. To start, browse the Dust Cover options and then press the “Let’s Chat” button on the lower right hand corner. This will start the dialog that will result in the Dust Cover custom made for you and your equipment.

Now some information on Dust Cover measurements:

This measurement is the width of the scroll rod you are using.

This measurement is the circumference which determines the length needed for your Dust Cover to wrap around and protect your work.

And yes, the “model” is my Christmas Wreath project. It is sitting pretty and patiently in my Vintage Christmas Advertising Dust Cover, with the matching Grime Guards, just waiting for me to get back to it. I will get there just have to finish my Dimensions (70-08948) Christmas Beach Chair project first which I made great progress on while I was laid up.

This week featured product is going to be the start of Christmas! Consider these Dust Covers!

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