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The notorious “Snowball Effect”!

Laura Numeroff is the best-selling author of a series of children’s books that began with “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”. While it is a children’s book, I feel as though my life mirrors the premise of the plot. The mouse receives a cookie but before he can take a bite, he decides that he needs to get milk to go with it. Then, he decides that he needs something else before he can enjoy the cookie. The list grows and grows. Such has been my life lately. In the past, I have called it snowballing. That may change. A snowball gains speed as it rolls downhill. Mine tends to slow down.

Today, I started my day, as I do most days, by making a to-do Iist. I wrote down the item that I wanted most to accomplish-my “cookie”! Then the tasks that needed to be done prior to being able to achieve that goal began to follow. “Before I do that I need to mail out orders. I need to print labels (and more). But the ink in the printer is messing up so I have to fix that. While those are printing, I will sew this on the serger. But, wait, the threads are screwing up, so I need to rethread the machine.” And then I have to revisit tasks, too! “I need to mail out these orders!” Is it any wonder that by the end of the day, I do not feel like I get anything done?

Another example: a fun little project of displaying my collection of license plates started out well. I was hanging them up in the garage and ran out of adhesive Velcro. Made the order on Tuesday; it will be here on Friday, November 5. Alas, another half-finished project on the “to-do” list.

There is a great amount of solace in knowing others feel this way. As I text friends and family with my frustration, their return texts reflect that they understand completely. It was my sister that brought up “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”. No wonder Ms. Numeroff was able to write an entire book series. We all relate.

So this week in honor of the Snowball effect and my inability to focus on writing an original blog – we are doing a recipe! You can call it lazy or you can call it supper, it is another check mark on my list.

This is one my sister swears by! We have to thank the internet for all these delicious dinner ideas so we can get on with the other aspects of our lists!

In BloomingDaisiesCrafts, new product includes:

Busy Bee Project Dust Cover with an eye pleasing green field and botanical “relief” print. Inside print is the complementing Bee Hive Baskets.

Matching QSnap/Grime Guards in the Bee Hive Baskets are available for purchase.

Due to the popularity of the Vintage Truck WIP bags I did get the Vintage Truck Q-Snap bags finished and listed just in time for the holidays too.

Gnome-Christmas or Everyday features cute stocking capped gnomes on a beautiful icy blue-green background.

I also started addressing Christmas Nurses/Surgical Caps with a fun Snowflake on Buffalo Print fabric - think of somebody on your list that wears these and order them now!

In keeping with the snowball effect, take a look at the Mickey Snowman or the Snowman Winter Needle Minders. Do be careful as “Snowflakes Are Unassembled Snowmen From Heaven.” Waiting for snow would be next on my list…

Hope you have a great week! BloomingDaisiesCrafts will be getting back to the regularly scheduled blogs in the next couple of weeks. So, in the meantime, keep plugging away at your list and shoveling out the snowballs!

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