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Visible Progress on the Tardis WIP!!!

Look at that picture! I don’t know if you can see the progress, but I can! I am making visible progress on the Tardis WIP! At this point, it looks like a lot of confetti (which will be part of the celebration that I am planning when the last stitch is made in this project). A stitch is made in one color, only then to have many squares of other shades before that color comes up again. I am forcing myself to concentrate on getting this part done. It is taking more discipline than I ever knew I had. Now, to work on the variations in white; honestly, can you see the difference between White and B5200 White? I cannot but I continue to stick with the pattern as best as I can because I am “assuming” (let’s not even go there…) somebody can see the difference. LOL

House progress:

Part of the draw to this house was the “split living” floorplan—two bedrooms including the master is split from the other two bedrooms. The original “home improvement” plan was to divide and conquer-starting with my office on the “left” side of the house. Well, everyone knows what happens with the best laid plans! We began with the laundry room - nobody can blame me there; and moved onto my husband's office. Now that part of the house is well on its way to be fully painted. The hallway was completed quickly which adds a “color flow” through the space, my husband’s office has a much more “Zoom” friendly color palette, and, just this past week, my husband and I finished the guest bedroom in time for grandchild #4 to visit! Go us! However, I have begun to think that my office will be the last room painted.

Paint is amazing! It can freshen a space in a single day. But on the dark side, it can also hide many sins. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, early this week, my husband was changing out the air conditioning vents in the great room when he noticed something sinister and sent me this picture. Is this an optical illusion? Why, no, it is not! I thought the culprit of the difference in color was a shadow on the vaulted ceiling. Um, nope. The ceiling is painted two “subtly” different shades (White and 5200 White?). Painting the great room ceiling has moved up to the top of my to-do list which has moved the office down the list. Pictures will be posted next week.

Tropical Storm Elsa:

This area of Florida did get some minor effects from Elsa. The storm dropped about 6.5” of rain in the neighborhood but, fortunately, we didn’t have any problems with flooding. Here the storm surge came in at low tide. No power outages were reported near us. All in all, this storm was a non-event. Thank you and Amen. It is just the beginning of the hurricane season though.

Golden Needle News:

This is for residents of SW Florida who shop at the Golden Needle. Lisa notified her clients via her news email that she is relocating to Texas! It is a lovely part of Texas, I am told. This is for everyone: Lisa will have an online for shoppers wanting quality products and quality customer service. After many years in Florida, the native Texan is moving home as her husband was given an opportunity to work out of Texas. BloomingDaisiesCrafts wishes them luck. Fortunately for me, I know I will be visiting her as it is a short roadtrip from my sister’s house in the Dallas area.

New Product this week:

Buffalo with Dog Paw Print Grime Guards are now active on The BloomingDaisiesCrafts website and ebay! While this fabric is sold as Christmas, for dog lovers everywhere, it is definitely a year-around fabric. I have been looking at my stash for complementary fabric to make accompanying product but I cannot decide what to use as lining. The hunt is on for a coordinating print as it is just too cute not to have some accessories—like Needle Minders. I think that the dog Needle Minders are adorable with the red, white and black color scheme! #DogMom! Cute!

This past Monday, I received an order delivery email from my fabric supplier. “UPS will be delivering your order on Thursday!” (Emphasis mine). I think, “Only four days to wait!” I got so excited! At this website customers preorder fabric from the wholesale house and when the material is made, they ship it out. Well, it has been so long, I have no idea what I am getting! I know I preordered some Halloween and Christmas prints for the holidays and a pretty paisley print. And, the package weighs in at a hefty 16.3 pounds. Could there be multiple bolts of fabric?! Such excitement!

But alas, it was not meant to be! (That may be a little dramatic…) I had changed my address before the order was shipped. Apparently, either the address was not updated in the warehouse’s system or maybe the computer did not connect the dots. I do not know. Anyway, UPS tried to deliver the package to the old address. sigh. I was waiting for UPS to update my address when I heard from the wholesaler that the company had contacted UPS and that I should expect my package on Monday. Hooray! Four days later than expected but I still have that “Christmas morning” anticipation. Hmmm, do I post pictures of the fabric or make you wait for the finished products…?

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