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For the last two weeks of November, BloomingDaisiesCrafts took a much welcome break. As Thanksgiving is my favorite family holiday, my husband and I celebrated the actual day with each other. We enjoyed a 12 pound turkey with all of the fixings, including the stuffing that was the recipe in the last blog. It was the perfect day: good food, good company and a good nap! It was also a wonderful beginning to spending time with family.

The Saturday morning following Thanksgiving, we started our “2020 Family Reunion Tour”. Our first stop was Brittany, her husband and grandkids, Numbers One and Three on the Georgia coast. Because of the virus, the attractions were limited. We did find time to do some of our favorite activities: shopping, sampling blizzards from Dairy Queen, eat a spectacular breakfast, and then more shopping! Our next stop was our old stomping grounds, Atlanta, where we saw Sonya, her husband, and grandkids, Numbers Two and Four (the novice cross stitcher). And, as an added bonus, our oldest son, lives there too! We were able to visit the kids and grandkids as well as see precious friends. It was our last night there that we had our best meal of the vacation--it may have been a combination of the company and the food—it was delicious. Our final stop was in Columbus, GA to visit our middle son and his wife. We arrived a little early and were rewarded with the close proximity of a Joanns and Hobby Lobby! It is always interesting to see familiar stores in different locations. The same merchandise looks fresh and new. That night, we enjoyed the Christmas lights in Calloway Gardens and then relaxed with the kids on Friday while gearing up for the drive home the next day. As our time was limited, we didn’t stay long in any one location (or maybe the perfect amount of time as we still miss everyone). All totaled, we drove 25 hours in one week and have added some wonderful memories during a year that seemed to thwart plans and try to suck the enjoyment out of life.

While spending quality time with my husband during that drive time, I actually got to work on a cross stitch project in the car. I chose the 11x11 BloomingDaisiesCrafts logo for my grime guard pictures for my car WIP—so it was kind of a working holiday for me. I made fairly good progress. The pattern is simple and lends itself well to working in a small and mobile environment. The WIP bag was so helpful; the clear side made it so easy to see the items I needed versus pulling everything out onto my lap. Not that anyone but me will notice, the logo will be used extensively on the BloomingDaisiesCrafts website. It will be nice to check it off my list.

The vacation was wonderful but it was good to get home. With the full intention of enjoying Thanksgiving, we waited to decorate for Christmas. So, after picking up my stitching buddies, Bella and Rosy, from boarding early Sunday morning, the four of us decorated the outside of the house. We kept it simple but I am very happy with the results. A few strands of lights and a couple of Christmas Minions gives me holiday cheer whenever I approach my house!

The vacation started on “Small Business Saturday” but my husband and I decided that seeing family was a priority. I changed the shipping time on BloomingDaisiesCrafts to one week and selected “vacation” for my eBay shop. Thankfully, this didn’t stop those people that support small businesses as I still came home to 14 orders! I worked Sunday afternoon on those orders. (Today is Monday as I write this and I have only 5 orders to go.) To those of you who ordered last week, thank you for your patience! To all of you reading this: Thank you for choosing BloomingDaisiesCrafts and supporting small businesses—especially this one! I appreciate and celebrate every order!

Speaking of appreciation, last year my sister and I began setting up a snack/water station for delivery people, letter carriers…service people in general (we saw it on Pinterest). I’ve pictured my “boutique”. I know our lawn guy and his helper had some treats today--I even saw the helper taking a picture of the offerings. It is my hope that they appreciate it half as much as I appreciate them! Please comment with additional ideas or a picture of your set up.

I hope December 2020 started off well for you and that we go into 2021 with no hindsight of 2020!

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