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Welcome to BloomingDaisiesCrafts as it relaunches after its move to new digs!

The storage units are empty and the house is full. My husband and I have been working nonstop to get us settled. Fortunately, we are like a well-oiled machine. Each of us has our gifts and the other stays out of the way when that gift is being practiced. My husband was a machine when it came to moving into the storage and out of it. I helped. Conversely, I love to organize. My husband loves organization. I visualize how I want it to look and make it happen. He compliments my achievement. We complement each other.

I am so excited with the new work environment. The BloomingDaisiesCrafts “facility” is larger and has more storage space—all of which played into the move in the first place. The increased square footage means that I will have more work space—

  • More room for fabric cutting area, as well as a larger and cleaner sewing machine space. And an awesome office setting, which kudos to my husband as he anticipated my needs, whipped out his “super power”, and made my work station look like NASA’s command central.

  • It also means that I have more wall space! I have been looking at wall mounted organizational systems. The more I put on the wall, the less clutter that is on my horizontal work surface! My guardian angels aren’t just singing, they are rejoicing!

  • Warehouse storage (read that as closet space)—it is deeper and wider and will easily hold all of my current raw materials and more! No “more”…I am trying to limited my inventory to what I have now. But don’t worry, more is on its way!

In the midst of all of this, it was and is time to get back to work. I started back at my part time job last week and having been working behind the scenes on Blooming DaisiesCrafts off and on during the move. Even my eBay store kept me engaged during this month long hiatus. I like to stay busy however getting back to normal will be a blessing.

I have to say that the move was more about quality of life for the family. And, once we got the girls back from their stay at the Doggy Spa, the house became a home. While I am working on find the right place for everything, they are learning the new layout and traffic patterns to find the best places to sleep. Normally they choose to be in the same room as a human and close to a piece of familiar furniture, i.e., curled up under the desk at my feet or lying behind my husband’s office chair as he works from home. It is a different setting but “heartbeat” of the house has returned to normal.

Now for the details of the BloomingDaisiesCrafts sale! Everything is 10% off for the next 10 days.

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Catherine Ring
Catherine Ring

Congratulations on the move and reopen!

I didn't see an email on the sale .. wah ..

but have a question .. ( no surprize there .. lol.)

Is there enough Mint Green w/Apricot flowers for a set for scroll frames and q-snaps ?


Come to think of it, I knew about the sale, but I didn't get notified either!


Kellie Ann
Kellie Ann

Yay!! More space!!

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