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2023 Goals - How I’m Doing???

Thankfully “post a blog a week” was not on my 2023 List of Goals.

1. Cook at home more often and menu plan. After a rough start, I planned monthly menus for February and March. April has been a little more fluid--not in terms of the diet, but in getting to the planning. It has been on my list but, as of April 13, it was not at the top. What is the saying? “A little late but better than never!” On a positive note, I have been eating more fruits and veggies but not on a steady basis. A little progress is better than no progress! And, just like my cross stitch, I am a work in progress.

2. Finish 2 Cross Stitch Projects. I can honestly say I am on the last page of the Dimensions (70-08948) Christmas Beach Chairs kit! It is overlapping from page 3 but with what has been done on page 4, this milestone counts! Hoping not to jinx myself, I believe that I will be able to achieve this goal!

When you shop, you may notice the (completed) cross-stitched Blooming Daisies Crafts logo on the stretcher bars, as well as the smaller Q-Snap frame. Lately, I restarted the stalled Blooming Daisies Crafts logo on the 11x17 Q-Snap frame. Although the WIP gives some it some “street cred,” I would like to see it completed. I just need to decide if I count it as one of the two finished in 2023. Probably not.

3. Take an actual vacation. We have planned our vacation for 2024 and it is a BIG one! However, this goal is for calendar year 2023 so we just have to figure out something to do (and look forward to) in the next 8 months. My husband and I have talked about a Wildlife Park in Waco, TX. If we go, my sister and her husband might go with us! Winner - twice!

4. Use outdoor toys more. Since Hurricane Ian in September a number of things has inserted themselves between us and outdoor recreation.

-It has taken some time for the waters to become navigable again—even for the fish. They were not in our canal for at least 3 months. It really was a sad time.

-Add to that my broken ankle, with its surgery and cast. It was not too hard to get around on terra firma but on the water, no.

-We got the boat out with our visitors a couple of weeks ago, but the propeller was not functioning properly. My husband got it into the shop and it should be coming home soon!

-Good news is that the Craig Cat is back on the lift! It is easy to maneuver in every way so we can take it out when the water warms up a little.

As you can see, there is progress and then there is not as much. I will keep at it. Hopefully, you are doing well with your goals for 2023. If not – it is only April! We have got time!

April has flown by and fortunately it has five (count them!) weekends, making it easy for my husband and I to have already taken two small trips this month. The first weekend we met my BFF and her family in Clearwater, FL for a few days of recreation. The very next weekend which would be Easter, we drove to Alabama to see our youngest son’s family—including grandbabies Numbers 5, 6, and 7. Kudos to my husband; he is a Road Warrior. Me, I am just a passenger.

Mother’s Day is not far off! Well, maybe it is a month away. This week Blooming Daisies Crafts is featuring the non-traditional Mother’s Day merchandise. Don't be afraid to get mom a set of matching - WIP Bag, Grime Guards and then Needle Minders! Let her know that you know she loves needlework! Take a look at these fun options:

Grime Guards

I Love You (Gray)-It can never be said enough times!

Purple Villainesses-Not every mom is perfect…

Wonder Woman-Because some moms are!

I Meow You Cat/Kitty-Cat mom approved

Cute Baby Jungle Animals-When the animals run the zoo or house!

WIP/Q-Snap Bags

Dust Covers

Route 66-Also known as “The Mother Road”

Funny Sewing Sayings with Princess Lining-For the crafty mom (you or yours…)

Gray Zebra Print-Features Cute Baby Jungle Animals inside!

Needle Minders - oh so many!

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