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A New Season

When my husband and I moved into our original house in Florida, we figured we were there to stay. It was our retirement home and checked all of the boxes on our list of wants. And then, our list morphed and changed. Things were added and some things lessened in importance. We are not in a new season of life but our season did change.

The “new to us” house has fresh paint in all the rooms. The paint color is one that I love. I still have the Color Board that I picked up that many years ago from Sherwin Williams! The card says 2001. :) It has been in our first home together in Rochester, NY, in our Georgia home and now in our Florida residence. I find the green to be relaxing and pleasing to my eye. It is the perfect neutral color for me and my furnishings. And my husband likes the color as well. He is a keeper! While all of the interior rooms have been painted, the garage cannot be painted until the humidity drops, and as this is Florida, it may be a while. That is fine, for now. I will get rolling again once the state is out of its rainy season.

For now I plan on getting new product sewn for BloomingDaisiesCrafts! As a child, Back to School began the big push into the holiday season. In Phoenix, we started classes right before Labor Day. I do not remember a fall break or Fair Day (my sister says that the students have a day off to attend the State Fair of Texas). Anyway, the holidays seemed to come in quick succession: Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas--even more so as I am an adult. Moving forward, my emphasis will be on getting BloomingDaisiesCrafts’ Halloween themed NEW product posted so you can start accessorizing YOUR Halloween WIP! Actually, the Haunted House WIP bags are already posted! (Because this print has glitter, I do not offer it as Grime Guards). You will also see the Nightmare (Before Christmas) and Ouija Board WIP Project Bags and an Ouija Fabric Q-Snap Bag.

I think it is important to explain the difference between the more pricey Project Bags and the BloomingDaisiesCrafts Q-Snap Project Bags.

The BloomingDaisiesCrafts Project Bags are made of sturdier fabric with interfacing to give them even more stability. The bags are lined and have a large outside pocket on one side and a zipped clear pocket and pouches on the other. It comes with over the shoulder length handles for traveling on short or long trips. This is my “go-to” bag for Saturday morning “Sit-n-Stitch”. Project Bags are more of an investment and can be used multiple times for multiple projects. BloomingDaisiesCrafts recommends spot cleaning.

The Q-Snap Project bags are zippered, fabric bags. More personal and decorative than a gallon sized food storage bag, the Q-Snap bags are used when you set aside your project for a short amount of time. It protects your WIP from prying eyes, or maybe children’s soiled hands. The bag secures your project, instructions and floss in one bag. The BloomingDaisiesCrafts Q-Snap Bags are pre-washed to prevent color transfer onto your stitchery and are machine washable. Matching Grime Guards are available. Customers have been known to purchase multiple bags in a variety of prints to match their personality, WIP, or holiday season/décor.

Just this week, BloomingDaisiesCrafts received an order for a Small Green/Blue Paisley Project Bag. Woo who! Then I had to find my written instructions to make it. It had been a while. But it was just like riding a bike. I mailed it out yesterday.

Interestingly, Needle Minders that have been on the board for quite some time are getting some notice now. “Tweety Bird” (found under “Childhood Favorites”) flew out this week. And recently, the Nerd Boston Terrier Dog with glasses (found under “Animals”) has surged in popularity. There are so many Needle Minders to choose from. The BloomingDaisiesCrafts website has a dropdown group listing that was put in place to make finding your favorite Needle Minders easy.

The kids are getting back to school and people are gearing toward the fall/autumn season. In Florida, we celebrate those occasions but it is not like the weather actually changes. Sometimes the decorations are the only indication that the seasons are changing. That said; I cannot wait to decorate our new place for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. In addition, I have a new space to decorate! Our dock! I am always looking for fun ways to celebrate a holiday or season. If you know any fun places to look, please let me know!

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