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Christmas In July Sale - Almost Over!

BloomingDaisiesCrafts Christmas in July Sale 2021 began on July 26 and will continue thru midnight PST, July 31. Hopefully you have been able to take advantage of the 15% discount on Christmas items—Needle Minders, Grime Guards, and WIP bags! My sister and I have been shopping for new fall and winter themed fabrics, including Christmas. I only buy what I love, however that does not mean that the prints are available year after year. That being said, it is a good time to offer ALL CHRISTMAS items at a discount. It will be hard to see some of my favorites go, but this sale gives you the ability to get some great bargains on super cute cross stitch accessories. But you had better hurry!

New Needle Minders: Did you see this week’s additions? The entire top row is new this week. Such a selection of fresh ones to choose from!

The Balloon Unicorn Needle Minder partnered with the Balloon Animal Grime Guards and/or WIP Project Bags will give you a matching set!

Minions Group – What a fun trio! I can never have enough Minions!

True Cat Fashion is so appropriate! Cat lovers can only nod their heads in agreement!

Straight out of Thread - Been there, done that! Now you can have the Needle Minder instead of the t-shirt.

And, finally, the “piece de resistance”-- I Wish My Facial Expressions…I am not completing the sentence. Go to and shop Needle Minders to see the rest of the saying. You will not be disappointed.

I hope when you look through the Needle Minder section that you find most of them as humorous! Others, hilarious. Each one is carefully selected to fit the mood, an occasion, or my snarky sense of humor.

Tardis Update: The end is near. No, it is not melodramatic; it is real. The hard finish date is August 31. Seriously. The Roman numeral XII on the clock is almost finished and, looking at the picture, you can see that another page will be complete! I will keep reminding myself to push harder so I can get it done (and move on to something fun)! This is a Christmas gift for our oldest son and I just learned that he will be spending the holiday with us. I want to have it all ready and framed for the big reveal! I cannot wait to move onto other projects. I will have to pull the “Flag Draped Eagle” directions out of storage to work on for a different son. It is on 18 count black Aida fabric. I am thinking that I will work one page on one project and then one page on another project.

Speaking of working one page on multiple projects at a time-- if you are new to cross stitch, don’t hard stop your thread at each page. If your color floss goes onto the next page, do some of those stitches. This will help you “blend” the colors so that when you finish the piece there should not be a noticeable line where the pages end. I have started over on a few projects due to this and would like to save you the misery.

I downloaded Markup R-XP on my phone to try it out. It is the Apple version of the Pattern Keeper. I am at the very early stages of trying it and will keep you posted on how I like it. If you are using it, what pointers can you give to a “newbie”? Please share!

House update - Kitchen and Breakfast Room are painted and now I am onto the master bedroom. Next week, I am hoping to work on my office/warehouse. I CANNOT WAIT!!! That may have been obvious with the way I have skimmed over the progress these past couple of weeks and rooms. The walls do look spectacular!

My new cutting table was delivered this week and, with surprised self-discipline, I have not assembled it. It is shorter in length and sturdier than my current table. With the addition of another taller shelving unit, I hope that these two items will take care of my storage issues. My wishful timeline includes completing all of this for a big “reveal” on August 13. Should I do like Chip and Joanne and have a big picture of what it looked like and then “TA-DA!”? Probably not. I will post “before and after” pictures up for you to view. LOL.

I hope you have a good week! I have to get back on schedule for these blogs.

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