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Cross Stitch Stash - Shopping Local

Hi everyone! I’m getting ready for tonight’s Contest Award, the matching purple paisley grime guard and q-snap project bag with a Purple Octopus Needleminder. This Grand Prize of three items has a total value of $40.

And with those famous words, “but wait, there is more!” Blooming Daisies has added a 2nd place award! The second lucky winner of tonight’s drawing will receive an ORT Jar Decoration! As long as this second prize winner is continental USA, postage and handling will be free!

Now, onto the day-to-day of Blooming Daisies Crafts. Yesterday, I went on a field trip to my favorite local stitching store, Golden Needle. My friend, Jess, from Unsupervised Creations was there too! (Whether you are into Cosplay or not, you should check out her website for some incredible costume accessories). But I digress. This trip was to find a cool fabric for a Dr. Who Tardis project that I have started twice but haven’t been happy with either time. As a full coverage project but I didn’t like how the white stitches were looking. This time Lisa from Golden Needle helped me pick out some dyed light gray fabric for this project. I’m excited to see how it turns out!

While I was there I added 2 new projects to my stash! One is another Halloween and one is for Thanksgiving! I had really better start stitching as my stash is growing quickly. I know I could have bought at least the Halloween project on Amazon but I would rather purchase from a local business to support a fellow small business owner!

Tonight’s video is going to start with a demonstration of our ORT Jar Scissor Holders! Watch and see how this item can simplify your cross stitching by keeping your scissors handy and your work area clean. And, some lucky person will win one tonight!

Good luck to all the Blooming Daisies January participants! So far, I have over 300 entrants. Right now, you still have time to enter but hurry! As always, I appreciate everybody for supporting Blooming Daisies Crafts and look forward to continuing to offer extras for your stitching!


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