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Is Cross Stitch Therapeutic?

Heck, yeah! It is art therapy. Unlike writing or painting, the blank canvas is welcome to the artist holding the cloth. The thread is a rainbow of colors with promise of beauty on a personal level. The strands are soft and silky in between your fingers. Each cross builds on the last and your efforts change over time. Your piece appeals visually—not just from a distance after the final backstitch is complete but also close up as you enjoy the consistency of each cross and the blending of colors.

Cross stitch sooths the soul. When I was taking care of my mom at the end of her life, I was just starting a cross stitch project. One day, she asked to see my progress. She said it looked like I was sewing dirt. From then on, every day she would want to see how far I had gotten on that “dirt”. The finished work has hung in my front entrance (three houses) since it was completed and framed because of the memories attached to it. That was my Design Work Crafts Christmas Penguin project. While I cannot find the exact pattern for it, I am sure that if you are interested, you can find it on the internet.

Speaking of the internet, the most popular search engine’s answer to my query of “Why is cross stitch therapeutic?” brought up this:

“The rhythmic, repetitive movements necessary to knit, sew or crochet are proven to have therapeutic benefits and improve mental health and emotional wellbeing, increasing serotonin production and inducing a natural state of mindfulness.”

That certainly describes the feeling I experienced as I sat by my mother’s bedside.

Another reason that cross stitch is therapeutic, would be makes no demands on you! If you do not feel like stitching, you can put it away. Just for a day, a week, however long and it waits for you to pick it to begin anew! No worries or guilt. It shows no jealousy should you choose to begin a new WIP or complete an old one.

While cross stitch is not covered by insurance, it is relatively cheaper than a therapist.

This week I did not post a WIP update picture due to the lack of progress on my projects. My husband and I had company as well as other things happening and I have not stitched that much. We will see how next week’s therapy goes.

In keeping with the therapeutic benefits, Blooming Daisies Crafts spotlighted product this week is Winnie the Pooh!

An article from points out some interesting details about Christopher Robin’s childhood friends.

Pooh Bear may have ADHD issues. He is anxious, impulsive and shows lack of restraint. OCD? Just say the word, “honey”.

Eeyore suffers from depression. “Eeyore suffers from mild depression include hopelessness, low energy, no interest in normal activities, and low self-esteem. Eeyore believes no one cares about him or his feelings, despite protests from his woodland friends.”

Tigger. ADHD. Enough said.

“Piglet is often on edge, fidgety, and nervous. He blushes, laughs nervously, and shakes when he’s feeling anxious or uncertain. Piglet also gets increasingly anxious over irrational fears about common things like the dark and wind.”

Rabbit suffers from narcissism. The website states,

Narcissism is a personality disorder (NPD) characterized by a sense of self-importance and an excessive need for both validation and admiration. Those with NPD show a lack of empathy toward other people and are often only concerned with their own needs and feelings.

The article is entertaining to a point and does not make light of mental illness. It does make me wonder if AA Milne was preparing his young son (and a multitude of children) to have mental health awareness. If so, he certainly was a visionary.

Blooming Daisies Crafts Winnie the Pooh merchandise:

Winnie and Friends Q-Snap Bags with matching (Winnie the Pooh) Grime Guards or the Winnie Flying a Kite fabric for a different but complementary Grime Guard.

Winnie Needle Minders are plentiful also. The quintessential Winnie with his hands on his hips; Winnie & Friends as they all lean on each other; but should not to be confused with Winnie and Friends as the group makes funny faces for the camera; Winnie and Tigger featuring the besties; Eeyore with his heart balloon; or Eeyore w/Apple and last but not least - Tigger.

So if you need some therapy, that is retail therapy - check out these choices to start!

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