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Updates on Past Blogs!

Looking back at the past BloomingDaisiesCrafts blogs, I noticed that I might have left some things hanging or that the blogs needed to be updated. So what is normally done at the end of year will be addressed now.

  • “Enjoy life” seems to be consistently last on the list but is the most meaningful to me. It also ends the list on an “upbeat” and hopefully reminds others of what is truly important in life. Day to day living is not always easy or stress free but I can and do enjoy my life. Major win!

  • Now, the bane of most people’s existence: weight loss. Vacations sabotage weight loss and if you remember from last week’s blog, my husband, my BFF, her husband, and I ate our way across Destin. No regrets! I’m still down a pound from 1/1/21! Victory! I am regularly walking between 12-15,000 steps a day and “closing all my rings” (iWatch wearers know what I’m saying).

  • Walking the dogs has been amended to exercising the dogs. Rosy, our GSD that we adopted 2 years ago was heartworm positive but treated when we adopted her. Because of that she wasn’t able to exercise much and had gained a lot of weight. After much hoopla and searching for a different vet, we now have a plan to get her healthier. It includes a lower daily caloric intake and an exercise program of shorter walks to build her strength and stamina for longer ones in the future. The veterinarian did say that she thinks Rosy is closer to 8 years old and not the 5 that the rescue estimated. Still, Rosy is the sweetest girl and we will keep working with her. One last thing, the vet said swimming is good for her joints so she and I swam yesterday. She dog paddled about 10 lengths of the pool and was tuckered out all night. Exercising

  • Use kayaks, bikes and boat at least 1x a month. My husband and I took the boat out twice in January and had a blast each time! Since then the area has been plagued with “rough water for small craft” during most of the weekends we have been home. We had planned to take either the boat or kayaks out this past weekend but again “choppy water”. Sigh. The bikes haven’t been out at all. Because choppy water is indicative of stronger winds, the weather was not good for cycling either. So, this is a WIP. We will get there.

  • Eat more veggies. I can honestly say that I have gotten better. Not like my sister, who eats vegetables with almost every meal, but I am feeling improved if I eat some every day. So this will be celebrated as a “Win!”

Moving on to cross stitching news!

  • Two Sided Needle. I am feeling “avant-garde” here! A real radical, I have been using the two sided needle for longer runs on the floss. Adapting to the movements of the needle takes time and continues to feel a little awkward but I think my stitching is getting smoother. The needle has been especially helpful with all the white in the Dr. Who Tardis WIP. It is worth noting that when the floss is around 8 inches long, I have found it best to switch to a standard needle as the floss keeps coming unthreaded. Also, the two sided needle does not totally prevent the thread from getting twisted but it does help.

Tardis WIP. I am “already” on page 7 of 9 of the instructions! I appreciate that you feel my pain on the amount of time this project is taking me and hope that you appreciate my positive spin. With the lack of contrast in the stitching that is left, the work has become a little tedious but I strive to stitch on it for 1 hour a day. This is usually after I have worked both jobs and am relaxing in my recliner, decompressing after a full day. Sometimes, it takes more brainpower than I have in reserves, but I’m getting there and excited for this!

  • Variegated Thread WIP-I plan to go to the “Sit n Stitch” event at the Golden Needle on Saturday even though Lisa won’t be there due to a prior family commitment. Because I trust Lisa to give me the correct information (and to help me get rid of that one seemingly misplaced gold stripe), I will probably take a different WIP and save this one for when Lisa is there. I will be sure to pass along any pointers she gives me about working with the variegated thread.

Blooming Daisies Crafts!

  • New Fabrics Coming Soon! This week has been hectic! I am still catching up after my “spring break” and, as every BloomingDaisiesCrafts order is pretty much custom made to the client and I endeavor to get all orders out in a timely fashion, posting new fabric has taken the back seat. Today, though, I am “committed” to sewing at least one new print for the website—FlipFlop Fun. It is just the right pattern for Spring Break and hitting the beaches.

  • I just completed another special order WIP bag for one of BloomingDaisiesCrafts regular customers. Again, I cannot emphasize how much I enjoy the creativity of my customers! Please, if you want a certain fabric sewn into something, let me know. BloomingDaisiesCrafts motto is “We help bring ideas to life!” I will be happy to brainstorm with you or listen to your thoughts and “run with them”. If you want something custom done (outside of the regular cross stitch offerings), I can do most of those projects, too.

  • Nurses Surgical Caps are the newest line offered by BloomingDaisiesCrafts. You can find them under the “More” tab. I have added a third option to the selection: “bouffant” caps! These nursing caps have more room for longer hair. I have sewn a selection in a few of the more playful fabric patterns. This product line has garnered tons of compliments on the fit, quality, and fun prints. Please take a look and let me know what you think! And, pass on the link to anyone that may be searching for unique Surgical Caps.

As always, thank you for taking the time to see how I’m doing. I hope you are doing well and if you have any questions, concerns or just need somebody to read your written words, I am here.

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