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Winter Sewing Time!

Like many people, as I have gotten older, I watch the weather. My family is spread out across the US so I tend to watch the reports from all over. Now I will add the qualifier: I now reside in Florida after living in upstate NY for many years. With that bit of information I will say, I am seeing some really frigid temperatures up north! We are having cold temperatures here, too. Cold days by Florida standards. Comparatively, these temperatures are more like spring or fall days.

My question for the northern Blooming Daisies Crafts blog readers: How do you spend your snow days? A couple of chores come to mind: cleaning the snow off the driveway, painting inside (my sister insists that the bright light from the sun reflecting off of the snow is the purest and best lighting for interior room painting) or helping kids with their virtual school. I bet kids lament to loss of snow days. I know my kids loved snow days. Of course on those occasions, they had to clean their rooms or other activities that were not a child’s idea of snow day fun. Do not get me wrong, we had fun, memory-making plans: baking sweets, watching movies, sledding, or reading under a warm blanket. My favorite, of course, would be spending extra time stitching on my WIP.

These days, with my busy schedule, I am trying to work on my two WIP each night. They are Dimensions Holiday Harmony Wreath (08662) (did I mention I made it all the way across the project now?) and Dimensions Christmas Beach Chairs (70-08948) which includes a LOT of half stitches. I will not say it is my age, but I do not have the attention span at the end of the day to spend more than one hour on anything. Some nights, I will do 1/2 hour on one and 1/2 hour on the other. Sometimes, I alternate working on the wreath one night and the beach chairs the next. How long do you devote to stitching? Do you combine it with other activities such as watching TV, listening to music, or just sit in the quiet when you stitch? My husband usually has the TV on and is watching something that I do not have to concentrate on. When we tune into one of “our shows” that demands attention, stitching is not happening.

I will say that I am really happy with both projects and cannot wait to see more detail in the beach chair. Right now, there is a lot of blue in the background. There are multiple shades of blue, but still so much blue! The wreath WIP shows quite a bit of detail already so I am pondering if I should backstitch as I go. I am leaning towards completing the middle, backstitching that portion, and then move to the top or bottom of the pattern and go from there. It is surprising just how little backstitching this design has and yet it shows such sharp detailing.

Now for Blooming Daisies Crafts news: Ding! Ding! Ding! A special order has come in! A repeat customer has asked for the development of travel bag for scroll rod projects. Brilliant! Blooming Daisies Crafts Research and Development (R&D) is hard at work! The prototype is being sewn now and will be sent to the company’s trusted test needle crafters for review! “Blooming Daisies Crafts: We help bring your ideas to life!” is not just a tag line. If you want something, ask. We can work on these together to make your vision a reality.

Featured Product this week: Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Pretty with its many shades of pink, the Magenta Flowered Dust Cover for Cross Stitch will brighten your décor. Matching magenta colored Grime Guards may not be listed, but are available--just ask! The popular I Love You gray patterned Grime Guards also complements the Magenta Dust Cover. These are perfect for you or a loved one! Do not forget to shop Needle Minders for Valentine’s Day fun. Love/Valentine’s Day word heart features all the different languages; the Heart/Love Gnome carries on with the gray color; or you can give or keep the Heart Hands from two very special mouse friends!

Blooming Daisies Crafts also celebrates SAD—Singles Awareness Day—on February14! Just posted—Purple Villianesses Q-Snap bag and Scroll and Q-Snap Grime Guards. These ladies may have been unlucky in love but they have won the hearts of many! And, so many Needle Minders to choose from: Little Mermaid Villainess Ursula in enamel, or resin, Villainesses All Together, the beautiful Villains Stained Glass, or you can go with any of the princesses! Check them all out under the Needle Minders tab-Storybook.

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